31 Aug

The day i got a Mango worm – by Dan (and Daddy)

Worm in Dans backI am not sure how I got my Mango worm.  They like to lay their eggs in damp cloths and if you aren’t carful and then wear them, they get into your skin! (READ MORE HERE)

We found it on Sunday August 25 2013 on my back but at first we weren’t sure what it was.  Mummy thought maybe it was a boil, daddy started to look at pictures on the Internet.  

As it grew, is was quite painful since it was getting bigger and bigger and the area on my back was getting red.  We tried to pop a dob of Vaseline on it to see if the worm would stick his head out, but nothing happened.

The suckign coke bottle trick

On Monday Daddy stuck a warm coke bottle around the worm then cooled it down in the hope that it would create suction and suck the worm out.   Unfortunately it didn’t work. 

The area was sore and itchy and I can’t tell you how, but I managed to scratch the area.  Mummy thought that the worm was trying to escape, but we weren’t sure and so stuck a plaster over the area to stop it from getting infected.


Worm sticking outThis was exciting!  Although I couldn’t see it, Mummy was checking out the area to see if I needed a new plaster.  She saw a little thing sticking out the side of the plaster!  She took the plaster off and there it was, the worm had started to crawl out of my back!  Daddy took a picture so I could see.

We tried the coke bottle trick again; mummy said it was interesting to watch the worm go from lying down to sticking straight up out of my back.  However, the suction wasn’t good enough to get the worm out L Mummy had a quick try with some tweezers but couldn’t’ get a good enough grip to get him out.  Next daddy tried to squeeze it out like other people do, it REALLY hurt and I roared like a lion, but the worm didn’t come out L.  Daddy dried the area and the worm and the tweezers with a bit of kitchen towel and then he tried with the tweezers and got the worm out! 

Mummy and I had a good time looking at the worm though a mini microscope.  It turns out that there was a little black thing on the end of the worm but I couldn’t tell what it was.  When mummy looked she told me it looked like a hook that maybe the worm uses to get under my skin! We also saw something that looked like eyes!



03 Aug

Newish Beginnings

IMG_9286Newish number 1 -) These past few weeks have been hectic.  We came back form Nigeria for a scheduled 2 month break in June – and we had to jump headlong into fundraising.

It isn't our favourite activity, but when you find yourself £700 short of your ministry every month, you don't have much choice. You have to get on with it.

Almost all missionaries around the world (no matter what ministry they are involved in or who they are sent with) don't get paid a salary and have to raise support. It is one of those things that binds us missionaries together — along with Jesus, and sharing Jesus to people, and playing our part in growing God's kingdom… Sometimes I wonder if loathing fundraising doesn't bring us closer together sometimes, too!  

Anyway, we have chatted over coffee, dinner, coffee, lunch, and more coffee (which is okay, we LOVE coffee). We have shared and preached, laughed and cried, asked and prayed and prayed some more, then asked some more, then got miffed at God, not prayed then realized that telling God I'm miffed at him is in fact praying – and seen God continue his faithfulness regardless.

We haven't completely hit the target, but we are close enough, and there are enough things in place that we have been signed off to return to Nigeria.

It is not possible to properly express our gratitude to all the people and churches that are giving sacrificially so that we can serve God in Nigeria. We truly appreciate both your prayers and your pounds – we would honestly not be able to do what we do without you.  

Newish number 2 -) Before we first left for Nigeria 2 years ago, we started working on becoming part of our church denomination's mission structure.

I have thought long and hard how best to describe it, but basically, as of this week, we are signed up as Elim missionaries working in partnership with Wycliffe. We'll still be involved in all the same things we were before, but with the extra bonus of being backed by our denomination. We are in the VERY early stages of this partnership and we are looking forward to seeing what God does in this stage of our ministry. 

Newish number 3 -) I have uploaded a few pics of our time in the UK  

Newish number 4 -) Do you like our new website design?

12 Jun

Wycliffe UK Annual Conference

I know it was a long time ago but my blog broke and it has taken me this long to get round to fixing it, but SO many cool things to share.

For starters being part of the group organising the confernece provide a few opertunities to grow some grace. I know that is probably true of any working group, but last year’s planning seemed to go a whole lot easier. Maybe I was still caught up in job transistion and stuff, btu plannign this year seemed hard work.

However come conference, everything seemed to run even better. A few things I would pick up on if that is okay. There are personal to my involvment, but things I feel behind the sceens made for a better conference.

1) I turned the room round 90 Degrees and put 2 screens one eaither side of the stage. Not everyone was a fan. It mean 2 things:

a) the speaker had a stage he/she could walk around without impeeding the projector screens, and it was even better after we hoisted the screens up so people could see the bottom lines of the worship songs!

b) no-one sat NEXT to the stage, so everyone could actually see the speaker, no need for extra moniters and things like that.

2) NO laptops at the front. It meant we can pre-load and test every visual / sound file befreo the meetings. We have NO technical hitches whilst live. We had to re-format a video, and back save from Powerpoint 07, but becuase it was all done BEFORE the meetings the participants saw a smooth runnign show. HAving a remote for the speaker to advance the slides also worker a treat!

3) No band. I know that seems a backward step to some, but it meant less equipment, less rehersals, less potential techy problems, we ran it all wireless including the guitar, less trip hazards. People don’t need a big band to worship God, also took up less floor space so we could sqeeze more chairs in!

Highlighs of the confence for me ..

Margaret Hill talking about Scripture engagement. No longer is it scripture use, a colleuge in Africa had commented,

“A Bible under a table leg is scripture use, but it won’t impact anyone’s heart. We need people to engage with God’s Word”

OR something like that .. I thought that was EXCELLENT especially as we had to use some spare Bibles to angle the projectors to reach the new hight screens!!

Rob Baker on Arts consultancy (Ethnomusicology) I LOVE music, for us in the ‘west’ we find happy music to be in a major key, high and loud. I found it fascinating that for one group in Benin, it is completely oposite. To celelbreate they use a minor key, and low and what we would consider dis-hamonies! I find God’s creative diversity absolutely incredible some times!

Okay enough from me, maybe i will be allowed to link to some of the presentations at some point if you r are interested.

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