18 Aug

Robinson Ministry Update – 18th August 2017

Dear lovely people,

I pray that your summer is going well with good family times.  Our summer has come to an end with Dan returning to school and the weather taking a turn for the chillier (only 22oC in the house this morning 😉 ).

Dan is really pleased with his classes and teachers this year and is heading into his last year in middle school with a pretty positive attitude!  One of the (sort of) new classes he has is his maths class.  Obviously he has been taking maths all through his time at school but at the end of last year his class took an aptitude test on algebra and as he passed the test he is now in a very small set of 8 students starting algebra early.  It will effectively put them a year ahead in maths and give them the opportunity to explore maths at a higher level later on. We are delighted with this because he has always enjoyed maths.

I am getting back into the work routine now that Dan is back at school and enjoying having more time to get my teeth into my work and really start to make some good progress again. I have someone (Helen Fisher – who stayed with us when she first came to Nigeria) who is going to start working with me one day a week to try and get through some of the archiving backlog. We will be working on materials like books teaching people how to read and write Nigerian minority languages that were produced years ago but only exist as a few hard copies now.  We will be making digital versions of them that can be archived and web published so that they can reach more speakers of those languages and ensure that future generations will still have access to them.

Tim has gratefully handed the Director responsibility back over to Tom Crabtree and is now working on getting him back up to speed on events that occurred while he was out of the country.

Our finance team (that Tim oversees) are approaching the yearly challenge of Year End which means making sure that everything is fully in order and winding up the accounts ready for the new financial year in September.  There are a lot of changes happening in the area of finances in the new year so please pray for good understanding and clear communication as they work through those. Without good, well managed finance systems SIL’s work of helping communities to get access to God’s Word in a language they really understand can not go forward!

Thank you so much for all that you do to keep us healthy and able to function here, you are a vital part of this work! If you can, please take a few minutes to pray for us:


  • Restful break for Dan and I over the summer
  • Tim has some time off booked for September
  • Good start back into term for Dan and work for me


  • Good hand over from Tim to Tom
  • Energy and strength for Ali (I forgot to take my thyroxine for 5 days in a row a couple of weeks ago!)
04 Feb

Pray for Nigeria during the election period.

On the 14th of February 2015 Nigeria will go to the polls to elect a President, a national House of Assembly and a national House of Representatives. On the 28th February they go back to the polls and elect all the State Governors. You may have already noticed in the news that tensions are high and trouble is possible. Pray with us as we enter this period of elections!

IMG_9853Abuja – Nigerian capital and centre of governance –
Pray that God would break all strongholds of self, greed and pride in this city so that God’s Kingdom would reign through effective governance. Declare God’s Names in prayer – Yahweh Tsidkenu (The LORD Our Righteousness), El Elyon (Most High God), God of Justice and Judge of the Earth. Raise up the cross of Christ, which puts to shame every principality and power setting itself up against a knowledge of God – and sets an example of mercy and forgiveness and the true way to our Father. Trust God for righteous leadership to be raised up as God raised up Biblical characters like Esther, Nehemiah and Daniel.

Justice + Righteousness in the Election System + Processes
Pray for the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) for effective fulfilment of their duties in this election season. Pray for an equal opportunity for all to vote and for the uprooting of unrighteous practices in the electoral process. “When justice is done it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers” (Prov. 21:15).

IMG_9927A Right Understanding of Government –
Pray for the Church to have a right understanding of the government’s role and to be faithful in her prayer labors over the government as is commanded (I Tim. 2:1-4). Pray that critical and judgmental spirits would give way to the Spirit of intercession. Pray that the Gospel of Jesus and His mighty Presence would sweep across governmental buildings in this region tearing down every high place setting itself up against knowledge of God.

Strategic Governmental Partnerships to further God’s Purpose –
The history of the modern day Bible translation movement is filled with stories of how God worked in governments in the nations of the earth to fulfill His purpose for the peoples under the authority of those governments. Trust God with us for fresh strategic relationships to be born in this season.

Security Forces-
Pray for justice and righteousness to be established in this area of governmental service and that God would strengthen the hearts and hands of the righteous. Pray for open eyes and wisdom as they execute their duties. Pray also for a greater release of timely angelic help over this region during this election season (Psalm 91).

IMG_9963Election Days!
Stand with us against every evil plan and scheme to promote and spread violence during these election days. Pray that God would honor the faithful fasting + prayers of His watchmen so that massive peace would be enjoyed throughout the land + God’s Name will be honored. Pray for God’s perfect will to be done as people go to vote from the 36 states of the Federation -Abia, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Benue, Borno, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Gombe, Imo, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Kwara, Lagos, Nasarawa, Niger, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Plateau, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, Zamfara.

CREDIT: Thanks to Alisha Carr our prayer coordinator for sharing the original material.

15 Jan

YFriday call it a day

Friday is a day … but that isn’t what i mean. Yfriday are calling an end to their 16 year journey as a band. 🙁

Press Release

What is it with my favorite bands “calling it a day”?? First delirious, now Yfriday, there aren’t gonna me any good UK-based bands left 🙁

14 Jan


Haiti EarthquakeI watched the news again this morning stunned, and to be honest slightly numbed.   almost monthly there is a global crisis and it simply doesn’t have the same impact on me that they used to.   I think i need to pray for more compassion.

They need our prayers. All of them
Haiti isn’t exactly the hot bed of Christian revival, a country shrowded in Voodoo Practice  Poor infrastrure every wear means 60% of the nations buildes collapsed.  a population of 9 million where 6 millino of those are portentially homless now.    Tha tis like the etirey of London having no home or provisions.

They need our money to start helpign those in need.

I still don’t knwo what to make of it.  one of the atrosities that are being reported.  People stuckign collapsed hospitals unable to get our surrounded by those already dead.

One thing that DID impact me, the report of “a group of Christian MIssionries” being the first ones on the first plane out of there.   My first reaction was, HOW DARE THEY.  6 Million peopel in need and they are getting out of there!   I do overreact.  As i have thought about it, they probably arent; trained to cope, let alone provide the correct support.  maybe gettign them out is rigth thing to do, make soem room for peopel who are trained.  But there they all were, typical American ‘mission tourists’ all in thier clean team shirts with water bottles boarding the plane.  I think i would have been bear back by then, given my shirt to someone who needed it.  Would also have prevented any TV crews filming me!

23 Jun

Israel Houghton

Israel was also at the Big Church Day Out in May, i finally edited his press conference video. His testamony was AWESOME.

23 Apr

Income Tax for dummies.

50% tax rate – GET OVER IT.

Alistair Darling, bless him probably the hardest few days OF HIS LIFE!  Delvering a budget in the biggest rescion the uk has seen since world war 2.  The expectation that he can single handedly make some decisions and save our countries financial struggles.   Yeah right.

In times gone by I dreamnt about stading outside number 10 with the red case of doom, ready to deliver THE speech. God has taken me elsewhere …. thank gooness!!

Any way, a lot of banter around about this 50% tax rate and how hard it is going to hit people. BOG OFF.

  1. Most people complaining, are NOT earning enough to be affected.
  2. If people are earning over 150K they can pay a bit more.
  3. A lot of people forget how our income tax system even works in the first place.

Sorry to bore people, but half my degree was in accounting, and our system is not that complex, honestly …

CURRENTLY YOU PAY (not taking account of ANY allowances or contibutions etc)

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800)
40% is paid on the money over £34,800

Example A your annual income is £42,000.   (not likeley for me!)

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the money over £34,800 (42k – 34.8 = 7.2k)———£2880   — total = £9280.3

Of course this is calculated and spread out amungst your pay packet if you are an employee in the UK.  (about £786 out of a £3500monthly pay packet.
Example B.1 you annual income is £175,000.

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the money over £34,800 (175k – 34.8 = 140.2k)———£56080   — total = £62408.3

which is £5200 a month out of £14583 a month pay packet.

Now the introductoin of the 50% tax rate

Example B.2 you annual income is still £175,000.

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the next  £115200  (total so far £150,000)———–£46080
50% paid on the rest over £150,000 (175K – 150k = 25k)————£12,500  total = £64908.3 or £5409.3/month

so the POOR POOR guy now has only got £9174 a month instead of  £9383 a month to spend…. a grand total of 2.3% drop in his month cash.

big effect I DON’T THINK SO.  yes i admit the bigger the income the bigger that % will become but seriously, 1) that is not going to be enough money to cover the governments borrowing, 2) there are only 205K people earning over £150k a year that wll be affected.   They probably work for the banks or the government anyway the very people who got us into this mess!!!!

For more info the OFFICAL site is ..


05 Mar

Bad to worse

After the arrest warrant was put out for the president of Sudan’s arrest Sudan have decided to kick out every charity and aid agency. I don’t begin to understand the logic of that but i pray there is not more suffering as a result

04 Mar

Peace in Darfur?

BBC just released a post about the International Criminal court releasing a warrant for the arrest of the president of Sudan.

BBC news story

I agree that we need to realise the consequences of our actions here on earth, but i do wonder if his arrest will actually do anything towards bringing peace to Darfur.   6 years of conflict, thousands of people dead, millions displaced, 1 man on trial?  what about the rest who executed the orders?

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