18 Mar

Dan – the comedian

Dan won 1st places in his classes creative arts competition.  The result was that he got to perform at Elemetry school chapel 🙂  



11 Sep

Oh when the saints.

There are so many things that you see in Nigeria that you wouldn’t see in England. Today’s treat was a funeral procession in pick-up trucks on the main road. The first truck and a bunch of what I imagine were boys’ brigade lads trying to persuade the traffic to part for them. The second truck had the coffin and the third truck had more boys’ brigade lads, but these ones were armed with trumpets and drums and were merrily playing away as they came up behind us and eventually passed us. We often laugh at the things we seen in/on cars and trucks on the road this but was a very different attitude towards burying the dead.


Photo courtesy of Sharon Sweeting (Blue house rules!)

17 Jun

Invasion 1897

On set ready to film a scene

There is quite a large mission community in Jos, both ex-pat and national work along side each other to archive things for God. One of the tools we use for working and communicating together is a yahoo group mailing list. You send 1 email and it reaches everyone in the group. People use it to share information about events, sell unwanted goods (buy wanted goods) are among the useful things, and a whole host of (in my humble option) useless other things. 1 such (I thought useless email) was asking if any people with British accents wanted to go to Benin city and be part of a movie – no need to be an actor. I deleted said email, but after 3 people forwarded it to me and said I should go, I investigated further. The end result was that me and 2 other guys from our office headed down to Benin City to be part of a movie. Nollywood (Nigeria’s movie industry) is the 2nd biggest producer of movies after Bollywood – yes Hollywood actually comes a distant 3rd these days.

The movie is all about when the Brits invaded Benin city in 1897 – the movie’s title is ‘Invasion 1897’. So we were basically, well the bad guys! I get killed off – in fact I get beheaded in the middle of a fight between the 9 unarmed British trade party and the Benin warriors. I play the character of Col. Hamilton – a historical character. In fact the director / Produced Lancelot Imasuen, was very keen to keep to as much of the historical story as possible. There are several historical characters that you can read about during this period of history, James Philips, Consul General Ralph Moor, and Gallwey to name a few. Needless to say it involved a lot of sitting around, and when certain other actors weren’t up to scratch, it meant I was given and had to learn 5 extra scenes on the fly to make up for lost time.

Too many stories to tell in a blog post, but needless to say as a movie lover, I really enjoyed the experience being part of a movie. I would do it again given half a chance! The movie hasn’t’ got a release date yet, but maybe end of 2013 or into 2014 is what we were told. You can enjoy a selection of pictures here or on Facebook here.

01 May

I am becoming an artist.

You heard it here first. YES indeed i have become a convert. Art ISN’T just about borign old paintings after all!

So i am going to become an artist. Check out this site.

04 Mar

High on Mount Sinai?


I could NOT believe it when I read this. Apparently the Israelites were on drugs whilst Moses was up getting the 10 commandments.

Why do we find it soo hard to believe what the bible says is historical truth? why does the world spend so much time trying to disprove it the Bible? Why don’t people try to disprove the Koran? My only conclusion so far, is that cos we believe the Bible is the only truth (please excuse me sounds like a fundamentalist) The devil don’t like it, i mean us understanding the Bible, because when we engage with the Bible instead of simply reading it, it is a life changing experience every time. People describe the Bible as a living book, sounds a bit weird, but that is because each time you read it, God can reveal something new to you, even if it is a passage you have read 100 times before, he can still reveal something new! WOW. Pretty sure Harry Potter can’t do that. LOL

I guess that is why i love being part of a MASSIVE global team getting God’s work to people who don’t have it in a language they can understand!

03 Feb

Capo song FOR REAL

Well, bonjour! I have at last made it to posting on the blog!

Here is that song that tim wrote for new year…


you can find loads of other wynet videos on youtube check this out…


This is the first post that I have managed to do on this blog, been meaning to for ages but never got around to it! Maybe this will be the start of a whole new era in the life of our blog . . . and then again maybe not.

All a bit crazy when there is a two and a half year old with amazing amount of energy running around. Love Dan to pieces but he does make it a little tricky to spend much time on the computer. I know, excuses, excuses!

Well, best be off to sort some lunch. Hope you enjoy the video, it was certainly very funny at the time!

06 Jan

End of an era

Well it is chucking down with rain on this glorious Saturday morning, just been out to help Alex take down all the lights. So that’s it, until next year.. BOO HOO 🙁

But whilst clearing up inside, I re-discovered a wee song I wrote for our new years eve bash. Okay to be fair it was inspired by someone else who wrote this song first, but the guy who told me about it could only remember like 3 lyrics so me a couple others got together to finnish it off.

Just so you know what a capo is….wikipedia has the answers

It needs to be sung to the tune of “Light of the world” by Tim Hughes

[verse 1]
Light of the world You stepped down into darkness,
Gave me a Capo set me free,
Now i can play any worship song i want to,
With just three chords G D C.

So here I am to worship
Here I am play songs
Here I am to sign them really loud,
The Capo is so lovely
I couldn’t live without it,
Playing in a key only I can sing.

[verse 2]
Keyboards and drums make a nice combination
Pleaseign the Lord up above,
But every time that i play with my capo
The lords comes and fills us with his love!

So here I am to worship
Here I am play songs
Here I am to sign them really loud,
The Capo is so lovely
I couldn’t live without it,
Playing in a key only I can sing.

I’ll never have to learn new chords,
I can play and play and not get bored, (repeat)

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