04 Apr

Tour over for another year

On the way out of Stormont

As I sit working on the REAL exciting stuff of budgets and invoices, I realise that I am blessed to have a brain that isn’t’ scared of numbers.  In fact I am a little bit excited by them, or more by the significance of them.

I’m 30.  That is the same age as Jesus started his ministry.
There are 7000 languages in the world, to some that is just a number, but when I only speak 1 of them badly, that number is huge!    When over 2000 of them don’t have a single word of scripture, the % is WAY too high!

The tour is over.  My life is a little more normal for a few months, yet I am amazed by what just happened in March.   Here are some numbers!

Number of venues: 18
Total attendance:  3800
Response cards to stay in touch: 287
People who want to be a Wycliffe Voice in their church: 40
Bible fresh Manuals distributed: 125
Miles travelled: 2700 = 2 d 6h 32m on the road.

Now to a lot of you those are simply numbers.  But we were aiming for 15 venues when we started out 9 months ago.  3800 people is about 1000 MORE that we hoped for.  2700 is about the same as going to Morocco and back or this side of Canada, quite some distance travelled!

All the fun of touring and the satisfaction of a job well done can’t really take away the need for so many people all over the world to find out about Jesus.  My prayer is that the impact of this tour goes beyond the statistics on the page, but has some Kingdom impact.


14 Mar

From Eden to Eternity – the First Leg


the final bow

I am continually amazed by the privilege I have to be involved in some of the projects I have found myself involved in. From Eden to Eternity 2011 is no exception. From the very start 9 months ago when the decision was taken to run the tour this year I have been completely blessed by the things God has done. For starters, Jenny, who has worked with me on the 2010 tour has to be honest, pretty much run this tour. It would not have survived if she wasn’t so on the ball! Next- Saltmine, the team on the road are awesome, no doubt about it. Finally the opportunities the tour has present already have been simply amazing. SOO many firsts for me.

• Travel to Northern Ireland and also Dublin both for the first time
• A cheeky tourist visit to giant’s causeway (and a distillery)
• Not only visit Stormont but be involved in a performance with the 1st minister in attendance
• Directed a live DVD recording
• Ulster fry for breakfast

Maybe not a big deal to most of you, but it is cool to experience a few firsts as part of one’s job.

So after 9 shows – half the tour, over 2200 people have seen the show and heard about God’s work all over the world. Brilliant!

11 Mar

From Eden to Eternity update

Wow what a start to the tour!

Dublin – 160 people + 46 responses, 2  who wish to be a Wycliffe Voice.  Also a standing ovation, which was extremely special.

Ballymena – 450 people – who gave £1200 for Bible Translation in Burkina Faso topped up another £2000 by the church!

Stormont – a very restricted set up in the great hall of the assembly building paved way to 100 people including the First Minister the right honourable Peter Robinson.

Portadown –  260 enthusiastic young people and about 20 other adults all crammed into a hall and became bar far the most responsive and interactive audience we had so far.

Belfast – 450 people

Ballynahinch – 200 people.

Glasgow – 60 people


Here are some pictures


WOW what a start to the tour and what answers to prayers.  God’s word going forth to people and not returning empty.  Wonderful.


A few things to pray for:

–         Team for energy as they continue on the tour.  Tonight in Edinburgh and tomorrow in Cupar near Fife.

–         Mim who is one of the actresses has an ongoing stress related heart condition.  It can provoke heart palpitations, and leave her feeling exhausted.  Pray that this issues doesn’t’ crop up, but if it does, pray that Mim and Jon (husband and show director) will have wisdom in dealing with it.

–         Sam who is our Technician on tour has been outstanding.  Never an easy job on a tour like this, but there has been some unforeseen problems with a few bits of kit, pray for Sam not only as he problem solves but that God will continue to bless with him all that need needs to continue doing an awesome job.

–         As the team continue tours, Jenny and I continue working with the next week’s venues getting the last bits of detail in place.


Thanks so much for you emails of encouragement and your prayers 🙂


Tim and the team.


28 Feb

From Eden to Eternity starts this week

“When you follow Jesus you do things you never thought you would do!” Andrew

After months of planning, promotion, and preparing, the Saltmine team have just finished loading the van with all the equipment they will be using over the next 4 weeks. The team will be travelling over 2000 miles over the next few week by boat, plane, car, van and maybe even foot occasionally!

Performing 18 times in a vast array of places we are excited to see what God will do on this tour!


First stop is Dublin, then they travel to 5 venues in Northern Ireland, one of these being “Stormont” (NI Parliament building). Then over the water to Scotland for 3 performances, then to 9 venues across in England.

Please pray for safely, energy, enthusiasm, as they travel, perform and relate to those who attend the performances.
• Good ferry crossings tomorrow – Tuesday
• for the local people in the venue areas who have worked so hard to arrange and promote the shows.
• that people who attend the evenings will be challenged by God’s Word and that they will read their Bibles more.
• Individuals will be challenged to get involved in the Bible translation ministry.

29 Jun

From Eden to Eternity is all over for 2010

Well I am sure by now you have got the idea of that the tour was all about. If not .. go check out www.eden2eternity.org
Friday night saw the very last performance of the 2010 tour and Swindon turned out in force for a truly wonderful performance. Over the past 7 weeks, over 3700 people came to see the Bible performed in just over an hour. Over 1300 people generously sponsored a verse of translation for 4 languages in Nigeria. In fact 250,000 Koro people will have access to more scripture in a language they understand as a result of this tour! We have no idea what the total sponsorship is yet, but we were praying for £30,000.

The team finished really well with a great debrief over breakfast on Saturday. They are a completely amazing team am I feel amazingly privileged to have worked and served with every single one of them. FAR to many amazing things happened on this tour both before and during and I am sure after.

Some very limited highlights:
Crawley was Saturday night, at the end of the 5 week of touring dates show number 22. There had been a few complications trying to get in and at the end of a week the team are pretty tired as you can imagine! One thing we prayed for during our nightly post tea prayer time was that tonight’s show would be so fresh. I have never laughed so loud or been soo quiet as during that show. It was amazing!

The gentleman who decided during the appeal that he wished to sponsor the translatoin of the whole of Collosians. He came to be known to the team and others involved, simply as “Collosians man”!

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