06 May

Did Wycliffe Translate the Bible?

Nick page is a fantastic author he wrote an interesting blog post today, challenging something i thought i had simply always believed.

John Wycliffe was killed because he translated the Bible.    Maybe all is not as it seems .. READ the Post Here

24 Mar

What did you do today?

Phil our new marketing manager at work did an AWESOME presentation today at Centre fellowship .. here is his summery ..

I sent a very basic e-mail out to everyone associated with Wycliffe that I could get hold of. In it I asked some very basic questions,

  • Your name?
  • Where are you right now?
  • What has been your biggest achievement of yesterday or today?
  • What do you hope to accomplish today or tomorrow?
  • What is the best bit of your job?
  • What time is it now?

Discounting the automated ‘out of office’ replies, I’ve received 79 replies to date. I compiled a list of the replies to, ‘What do you hope to accomplish today or tomorrow?’, for our Centre Fellowship this morning and asked people to pray because this is what is happening in peoples’ lives today. Responses included…

  • Communicating new IT skills to people
  • Planning how to achieve language advocacy objectives
  • Meeting a family planning to join Wycliffe UK
  • Sending a PhD application off before going on holiday
  • Smoothing out the logistics for From Eden to Eternity
  • Getting my inbox empty again
  • Going for a mammogram and praying it will be all clear
  • Studying Thai and Preparing a tax return
  • Moving house
  • Typing out two more pages of a language translation
  • Checking financial statements, checking funding proposals, explaining spreadsheets, updating vacancies list, trying to reduce my workload.
  • After getting over grumpiness and self-pity… writing budget proposals and inviting people to a party.
  • Finishing an anthropology paper for a peer reviewed journal
  • Checking Ezekiel translation
  • Trying to improve the translation of Matthew ch14 before moving onto Matthew ch15
  • Resting bad leg after modifying 1983 Hondo motorbike to carry loads of up to 80Kgs over roads that 4wd’s can’t handle
  • Keeping my family happy in a challenging environment

That’s all going on today, and loads more. This is why I think this is such a cool place to work, everyone playing their own part in a different way. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

24 Mar

What is our aim?

Mark Woodward who has picked up on Tim Davy’s post about metaphor which Eddie mentioned a few days ago. (i LOVE how that happens!)

Mark has written a very challenging post that gets to the heart of what mission is all about:

When talking about Bible translation, do we talk about completing a task or sowing seeds? Talking about completing a task may reflect a focus on ourselves and our work, when in fact God invites us to join in with what he is already doing around the world.

Are we advancing towards our goals or working with others to help them achieve theirs? Just as God invites us to join in with what he is doing, he also expects us to be united with other believers around the world. This doesn’t just mean allowing them to be part of what we’re doing, but truly respecting and serving them as they play their part in God’s mission.

Is our aim increased efficiency in reaching people or better relationships in serving people? Western culture may value efficiency, but at the end of the day God’s mission is about him transforming hearts and lives, not us achieving tasks. In our desire to see the most lives changed as quickly as possible, we cannot afford to focus on simply accelerating a process at the expense of real relationships with people. (read the whole post)

My question is HOW am I going to be influenced by those points in my everyday work?  What do I consider the most important part of my work, achieving or building?  As I get into my new assignment, please pray that i will take these on board, as i develop new relationships, but at the same time desperate to achieve good things for my new team, new boss and ultimately God.

16 Feb

WordPress for iPhpne

I have voiced my not quite satisfiedness with the iPhone. the more I use it, the more I discover its coolness. For example facebook app is great, but also discovered the Twitter app, which also integrates with my facebook status and also makes an appearance on this very blog. Suddenly a Twitter user. Also just found a wordpress app so I can now blog from my phones too!

Suddenly a bit happier with my iPhone!

20 Jan


I got the swanky new iPhone just before christmas,iPhone I have to admit, it didn’t live up to all the expectations.   Yes it is a great phone, yes you can play games on it, yes it has a big touch screen, but it is NOT a smart phone.   you can’t use it as a thumb drive, you can’t use it to store documents, you can read stuff, but only if it is an email attachment!  you certainly can’t edit anything.   Bummer. the app store is great, but you to get he good apps you need to spend the cash 🙁

HOWEVER.  iPhone has required getting used to itunes.  Not something i was excited about, BUT I have to admit it, VERY clever stuff.  you can get to the itunes store via you itunes software, it s all integrated with the web, a little scary for some.   in the store i discovered podcasts.   Having never had an mp3 player before never bothered me before, but now, oh my a whole new world has opened up to me.

For the un-iniciated out there a podcast, is basically a radio show that you download.   But loads of people who don’t have radio shows also produce them.  It’s like a free movie rental place for radio style programs.   I have found the radio 4 comedy show, very funny i have found worship central they do a monthly 30minutes cast … also John Piper, international author and speakers puts up his weekly sermons!!

What do you listen to via podcast?

14 Jan

Social media and me

I have been thinking, and to some extent been struggling with this for a while, this guys sums it ALL up for me in one swoop .. excellent!!!  I am young (ish) and don’t think about this stuff in the same way as many, and often feel frustrated about how we try an use it.  I appreciate very much a meeting i gatecrashed this morning with a few other folks talking about how can we use all this stuff for Wycliffe?  I came out encouraged that there were other people who thought like me after all!

All In: Diving Into Social Media

Mark 2: 22 “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine bursts the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But New wine must be put into new wineskins.”

Follow me now – and please don’t take this as an exegisis of this Scripture passage. I’m chewing on something and honestly it’s still stirring in me, so you’re reading thoughts in development – kind of like me thinking out loud. If “new wine must be put into new wineskins”, I think new strategies and tools to reach, connect, engage and mobilize people must be employed with new mindsets.

The following is from my friend, Bill Seaver’s, MicroExplosion blog:

[…A lot of companies are considering trying some new marketing approaches these days. They have become enamored or curious about the new social media tools that are widely publicized and are trying to determine how it can work for them. This is a good spot to be in, but I’ve realized something is still missing. What’s missing is the appropriate mindset needed to use the social media tools, techniques, and stategies well. The old mindset won’t work with the new tools. They don’t mix. Seth Godin wrote an entire book about that called Meatball Sundae.

New marketing only works with the new mindset. Simply using the new tools with the old mindset won’t bring about the marketing change you need and want…]

read more

Thanks Eddie for passing this on

12 Dec

NO CAROL SINGING. no, seriously

Just read this post by our local Rev.  It makes me really sad that everyone is happy to celebrate Christmas and spend literally BILLIONS of pounds in the midst of a economic crisis, whist forgetting how ti all came about.

It is being reported in the news that the choir of Arthur Bugler County Junior School were told that their pupils must not sing Christmas carols at Corringham Winter Festival because they did not “dovetail” with its theme.

Read more.

06 Dec


David over at lingamish slipped a comment about blingamish on the end of his last post .. here is my 10 minute responce ..

28 Nov

facebook and church

Just read a GREAT post about how to use facebook effectively,

fortunately i agree with it all lol.   I guess my churhc is trying it out withthe youth, but somehow they don’t connect with it.   To be hosnet it is becuase thye are an apethic ‘bunch of losers’.   as they would say …

Facebook and church 2

I’ve blogged on the subject of Facebook before,

Facebook and church
Facebook survey results
Is it the end for Facebook?

I know that people have mixed emotions when it comes to using it for their church. Based upon my previous research, observations and some personal reflections this is my opinion of how best to use Facebook as part of your church’s ministry.

Let’s start with the limitations of Facebook:
1 – Age: Facebook is mostly used by under 30s. OK there are some exceptions to this as a rule, but honestly, has this social networking thing really impacted your parents generation?

Read the rest at jouneyman’s blog.

13 Oct

New Blog update

Well it has been a while since I posted, mostly becuase my allocated posting time has been spent redeveloping the blog.

Ali got back to school and soon as she started, she was off on a biology field trip.  Somewehre in north-ish Wales at a very well equipped, well run school research site.

Dan is still enjoying school, we aren’t too sure what he gets up to most days, he isn’t very keen to talk about it when he gets home.  The most we get is ” I had fruit at break time”   or ” we looked at shapes”  any more info is sparce!

I had had a somewhat sureal month.  Post Soul Survivor has been an intersting time.  My job has changed quite a bit.  I am no longer responsible fro 13 – 25’s, the 18+ group connect has been moved from under me.  The process was quite painful adn frustrating and led to near resignation, near depression.  Fortunately God is totally amazing and despite some bad processing some great thigns have come of it.   For starters, my need to recognise my focus has been too much on who I am in my job rather than who I am in Christ.   Explained why i got frustrated when my job changed without me knowing it was going to.  Good thing to be able to re-focus ones life aiming more at God!!

So that left me with half a job that I have spent a coupel years training someone else to do!   Not so great for my career path or motivation, give the above need for re-focussing.  so after a few hard conversations, I have picked up a coupel other interesting assignments.  As well as helping Steve run WYnet, I shall be heading a project team (that i first need to recruit) to re-design and launch the Wycliffe UK prayer strategy.    I’ve also been asked to help the Executive Director do some research and develop a strategy to recruit some new trustees who are under 40.

Quite exciting, quite scarey all at the same time.  Would appriciate any prayers you can offer!!

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