30 Sep

Prayer Update 30th September 2013

Greetings from Jos!

STaffConf1We had a great Staff Conference last week, a really good time where the whole of Nigeria Group gets together.  We prayed, we sang, we listened to reports from our partner organisations, we talked about our strategy and reminded ourselves of why we are doing what we are doing!

One of the people who shared was a student at a local theological college – the Theological College of Northern Nigeria.  There is a Linguistics and Translation Department in the college and a number of our staff are involved with teaching there.  This might seem a bit removed from the coalface as it were, but the student’s testimony really brought it home to me how vital it is.  It is hugely inefficient for an expatriate to come to Nigeria, learn a Nigerian language from scratch and then start to translate the Bible into that language.  Far more efficient and sustainable to train a speaker of that language in Bible translation techniques and support them to do the translation.  This is also more likely to produce a natural sounding translation that the speakers of the language will relate well to.  It was encouraging to hear first-hand from someone who is learning complex linguistic concepts and applying them to help improve the quality of the translation of scripture in his language, ultimately increasing the understanding of God’s Word amongst his people!

Tim did a great job with the logistics and helped the meetings to run smoothly with good sound.  My presentation went well and I got a few more people enthused about sharing and protecting their valuable work. 

Dan has been a bit variable recently.  He has struggled with a couple of occasions at school when he has been blamed by other students for things he did not do.  He finds this very hard to deal with calmly and tends to get very upset.  He also has days when he finds it very hard to concentrate on his homework and everything he has to do feels like an impossible task.  On the other hand, most days he is cheerful and gets his homework done (fairly) quickly and without complaint.  We really need wisdom to know how best to help him and encourage him when he is having a bad day.

STOP PRESS: Between writing and going to press, Tim has engaged with an opportunity to visit a few projects and attend a dedication this weekend. The details are still being worked on, but Tim and our colleague Jono plan to leave on Thursday and return on Monday. There will be a lot of driving between them so please pray for good preparations, and safety as they travel. 


  • Encouraging Staff Conference
  • God is raising up gifted Nigerian Bible Translators


  • More students to sign up for the Bible Translation degree program
  • That Daniel would look to the Lord for his strength
12 Sep

Prayer Update 12th September 2013

Greetings one and all!

Rainy season is starting to ease off here, we are no longer having rain every day without fail and the sun is putting in more of an appearance. I like this time of year because after months of damp and cold (OK so at around 20oC I appreciate it is all relative!) the weather is warming up and drying up.

I am attempting a small vegetable growing area this year (hence at least part of my obsession with the weather!) and am currently having at least some success with radishes, broccoli, red bell peppers and butternut squash. Not so much with the beetroot sadly, only 2 of about 20 have germinated. Any suggestions from the experienced gardeners out there gratefully received!

Also on the domestic front, I had a Massively Meaty Saturday last weekend. I took a group of 9 ladies to the local Abattoir to buy beef and pork. We then returned to our house (where, in a rather embarrassing mishap, I had managed to lock us out!) and processed the meat, preparing most of the pork with curing salts to make ham and bacon. Looking forward to trying some of that in a few days once it has finished curing! I also made sausages using casings (for the uninitiated this is the outside bit that holds the sausage together) that I had brought from the UK. Last time I tried this I actually bought fresh intestines from the Abattoir, cleaned them and stripped them, but the smell and the amount of work was just too much, even considering the tastiness of the sausages! So this time I “cheated” and bought ready-made casings.After making about 5 kg of sausages our freezer is now full to bursting! 

Dan is enjoying fourth grade but does not seem to be quite himself at the moment. Some days he seems fine and is his usual cheery self but then the next day he will be easily upset and see even basic tasks as massive mountains that he can’t face. Please pray that we will have wisdom to know what the root issue is and how best to help him.

We have our Staff Conference coming up next week, Wednesday to Friday. Tim is involved in the logistics for this and will be helping to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I will be giving a brief presentation on one of the aspects of my job (REAP – Repository for Electronic Archiving and Publishing) to try and encourage people to use this resource to protect and share their work more widely. I am also hoping to run an after-hours hands-on session for people to come and get some help to get started on using it.

  • Praise Enjoying the improved weather Having fun in the garden and the kitchen!
  • Prayer Spiritual, emotional and physical heath for Dan Successful Staff Conference next week
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