27 Nov

Living water

I’m in abuja helping out with the Hillcrest choir tour (We live opposite the choir leader Mrs Rasche – besides it is my youth work fix for a while!) The kids just did a great job singing glory to God.

The pastor preached in church this morning about the women at the well, under the title “the man I met”.

I was struck by these verses.
John 4:10-11
10 Jesus replied, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.”
11 “But sir, you don’t have a rope or a bucket,” she said, “and this well is very deep. Where would you get this living water?

the well is very deep – metaphorically she is correct abut the well of our Lord and saviour, but I have learnt far more about wells since living in Nigeria. This well where the woman was sat is famous because ti never ran out, it never ran our because it was so deep that even if the water tael dropped, you could still get water. But deep wells come at a price. They are hard to dig. The cost a lot to create. They require more effort to get the the out – there was not pump at this well! She was joking Jesus because she knew all these things (as did Jesus right!). and at that point where she thought she had the upper hand, Jesus made his move and challenged her in a way that no one else could. I understand more now about how central to life wells are. I have witnessed them as that central meeting point. We have had our share of water supply problems – who eve drinks this water will thirst again – SOOO true. We are in dry season, and there is talk that our well will dry up because there wasn’t enough rain this year.

God’s living water will never run out. Even though I am a missionary in Nigeria, I do wonder how well am I doing at trusting God to supply all our needs. Some may look at us in wonder the fact we left up the Uk, Ali left her job, moved away from everything we knew, but still I wonder – do I trust God for that living water every day? Does the well run dry in my life, because I am trying to get from the wrong well?

The choice the woman feed wasn’t about water or no water. Her well had never run dry in the history of the well. The choice was really between temporary and eternal.

The person offering you something can indicate the quality of the offer. When Jesus makes us an offer it is a guarantee based on who he is. The Supply is continuous – unlike our power, and sometimes our water! His promise, his power to supply is unending, unchangeable, unbreakable, untappable, incorruptible and perfect for our needs.

11 Nov

Wycliffe’s day of prayer

So today 11-11-11 is wycliffe’s annual day of prayer, all the people working all over the world, in one way or another will take some time out to pray for our ministry. I am responsible for the prayer morning here in Nigeria, (part of my special projects for the director job) and so I want to invite you to be part of it! These are the things were going to be praying for Nigeria as a country – put together by one of the Nigerian chaps in our office.



1. Unity in diversity

2. Emergence of new strategies to tackling peace challenges

3. Church growth

4. There is hope for the country Nigeria


1. Peace, Unity and Progress to truly take roots in the hearts of Nigerians.

2. Corruption to reduce drastically to the minimum level in a mysterious way.

3. That the LORD will transform our Leaders or give us new leaders who are selfless in there service to the nation.

4. That the Nigerian church will truly be light in the world and not be influenced negatively by the world.

5. That the Nigerian church and communities catch the vision of Bible Translation and also take ownership of it.

6. That the Nigerian church will be more committed to Evangelizing and Discipleship of Children and Youths.

7. Pray that the church and Ministries will catch the vision and practice Integral Missions

04 Nov

Ministry Oppertunity

I have the chance to go play a couple songs, as a ‘ministration’ at a church last Sunday morning.  I managed to coble together a video and eventually get it up on youtube.  It honestly sounded far better than this video does!  Someone said there was 1000 people there, it was a ‘prophetic power praise morning’ – lots of load praise so much prophecy – maybe I had wrong expectations.    I’ve also been asked if i can go and help work on their PA – maybe run a workshop for them, which would be cool because the band were INCREDIBLE the pa not so much.

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