23 Jul

Trying to get out there :(

Hi folks, sorry for the long silence, I had been hoping to bring you good news of clearance, visas and flights.  However, we have been waiting WAY too long – sorry about that.


Good news:  The personnel team cleared us to leave for Nigeria
Bad News:  We still have a few quid to raise for our monthly support
Good News:  Ali has finished work well.
Bad News: The Nigerian Embassy is requiring one more letter from Nigeria that we haven’t got yet before they will issue our visas.  So we’ve had to postpone flights from Tuesday to Friday next week (at an extra cost of £1100).
Good News:  A few more days to sort things out and relax before we go!


I was very much struggling yesterday to get my head around the change of plans and all the why’s, but constant reminders from so many close people, is that God really does have it in hand, and maybe we won’t understand for a while, but down the line someday, maybe we will.


Please pray with us that the visas are issued as soon as possible without any further complications.



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