14 Mar

From Eden to Eternity – the First Leg


the final bow

I am continually amazed by the privilege I have to be involved in some of the projects I have found myself involved in. From Eden to Eternity 2011 is no exception. From the very start 9 months ago when the decision was taken to run the tour this year I have been completely blessed by the things God has done. For starters, Jenny, who has worked with me on the 2010 tour has to be honest, pretty much run this tour. It would not have survived if she wasn’t so on the ball! Next- Saltmine, the team on the road are awesome, no doubt about it. Finally the opportunities the tour has present already have been simply amazing. SOO many firsts for me.

• Travel to Northern Ireland and also Dublin both for the first time
• A cheeky tourist visit to giant’s causeway (and a distillery)
• Not only visit Stormont but be involved in a performance with the 1st minister in attendance
• Directed a live DVD recording
• Ulster fry for breakfast

Maybe not a big deal to most of you, but it is cool to experience a few firsts as part of one’s job.

So after 9 shows – half the tour, over 2200 people have seen the show and heard about God’s work all over the world. Brilliant!

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