19 Jan

t-minus 2 days

John Bendor-SamuelI have had the immense pleasure of getting involved in helping to provide an appropriate facility for a thanksgiving service for JBS this coming Friday.  There is no easy way to pull it together; there is often not a lot of forethought to base decisions on.  As a family owned event that we are hosting on site all sorts of decisions need discussion with various people, and some of those decisions need treating with sensitivity given the circumstances.

JBS was a truly remarkable man, and my concern, is that event is help to honour his life, and I really want it to be a event that is ‘done well’, an event that people will look back on fondly, an event that people will talk about for a while to come.   Yes I am only getting in a  marquee, setting up some lights and some speakers, 3 projectors and screens, helping sort a video and audio stream to the world, and then packing it all up again.  10 days of planning, for a 2 hour event may seem disproportionate to some, but in order for those 2 hours to go off without a hitch, given the complexity of what we are trying to do – planning is key!    Some decisions I am making sat in my office, or stood in a marquee could impact how people talk about this event – the difference between,

“what those people said was so wonderful”


“I wish I could have heard them better”

is huge. I have learnt a whole lot about induction loops for the hard of hearing today and thankfully can install one!

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