30 Dec

Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible, Practical

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Nick Page for a good number of years, in My WYnet days he came and spoke at a couple of events we ran in partnership with Opendoors youth team.  (underground was what they were called at the time).  During one of those events Nick was testing some new materials with us, the whole idea of the Bible being a map that you can journey though.  He was testing for a new book he was working.

The Map: Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible, Practical

I had never seen said book UNTIL NOW!

I finally got a copy this christmas, and it is everything I expected from Nick and MORE!

It starts with GREAT info about how to get the most out of the bible.
Each book starts with Who, What, When. There is a quick guide, a kind of snapshot of the book. A graphical overview rough though the book.
There are also, Landmarks, Puzzle point, brief lives talking about major characters, details, postcards, maps and fantastic cross references, where more than 1 book refers to any given story.

Deep theological thinkers won’t want it, but anyone else who is curious about how the Bible fits together, or wants a bit more info about what ever they are reading, or especially anyone who is opening the Bible for the first time, this is simply the best Bible handbook I have opened!   I shall enjoy exploring it more 🙂

ALSO a great resource if you or your church are involved at all with BibleFresh.

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