30 Dec

Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible, Practical

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Nick Page for a good number of years, in My WYnet days he came and spoke at a couple of events we ran in partnership with Opendoors youth team.  (underground was what they were called at the time).  During one of those events Nick was testing some new materials with us, the whole idea of the Bible being a map that you can journey though.  He was testing for a new book he was working.

The Map: Making the Bible Meaningful, Accessible, Practical

I had never seen said book UNTIL NOW!

I finally got a copy this christmas, and it is everything I expected from Nick and MORE!

It starts with GREAT info about how to get the most out of the bible.
Each book starts with Who, What, When. There is a quick guide, a kind of snapshot of the book. A graphical overview rough though the book.
There are also, Landmarks, Puzzle point, brief lives talking about major characters, details, postcards, maps and fantastic cross references, where more than 1 book refers to any given story.

Deep theological thinkers won’t want it, but anyone else who is curious about how the Bible fits together, or wants a bit more info about what ever they are reading, or especially anyone who is opening the Bible for the first time, this is simply the best Bible handbook I have opened!   I shall enjoy exploring it more 🙂

ALSO a great resource if you or your church are involved at all with BibleFresh.

16 Dec

Christmas Spirit

As we approach Christmas this year, I am somewhat distracted by a whole lot of well, life.  My thoughts often turn to Nigeria and our plans to head out there, but also every christmas present we suggest for each other and Dan seems to be preempted by “is it worth it if we are leaving” or ” can we take it with us”.  I’m not a big fan of shopping, but those question do make it somewhat more complex.  It kind of takes the joy out of giving.  Are we giving the presents because that is what you do at Christmas, or are we giving them because we want to bless the person receiving them.   Family’s cultures vary a great deal on the acceptability of wish lists vs hints vs silence.   I by passed the lot this year and did an amazon list of things that we want / need including some things for Nigeria.   Not sure anyone has paid attention maybe it was too late, but last thing I want is another scarf 6 months before we go to Nigeria.  (i received 1 a couple of years ago, which I and since become rather fond of, but won’t need after we move.)

I was reminded on Sunday morning, just how easy it is to get distracted from God.  at 1 moment my mind started to wander off to the meetings of this week.  Very swiftly was i bought back to focus  on GOd when i realised i ought to lay those meetings down to him anyway!  It is very easy to focus on God when things aren’t going to well, as we cry out to him and lean on his Word (which we are lucky to have in a language we can understand!) .    Often when things go well we forget that it is God who controls all things and has us held in his hands.

With all this focus on fundraising so we can get out to Nigeria, i pray for God’s wisdom in dealing with it, and pray for his continued provision, but today i want to SHOUT out thanks to him for his unexpected provision.  Wycliffe send out monthly reports to us of the people who have given to us, so that we can keep track of the income but also thank those who have helped us in our ministry.  when I open the last emailed report,  I found there had been two very unexpected gifts from people i can’t recall every meeting.   I haven’t felt this blessed in a while.  Maybe it is my current state of being that it has hit me so hard, but the genuine kindness of strangers who have given without expecting in return, to be on the receiving end of that sort of gift, is a truly humbling yet uplifting feeling.

This Christmas, it is ours to be reminded of again, the gift given to us in Jesus.

13 Dec

Scripture in mission

We live in an ever-changing world and I LOVE technology and I love seeing how things change and adapt and I am often surprised by how far behind the rest of the technological world, mission agencies can be. Not all parts of every mission agency are in the dark ages by any means! One example is Wycliffe and it’s partners helping to provide scripture on mobile phones and listening devices. Freddie Boswell (The Executive director of SIL international, SIL is one of Wycliffe’s partners in Bible Translation) was one of the many delegates at the recent Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, and he participated in a cool sketch designed to challenge the mindset that it is “all about the printed word”

08 Dec


I have been a twitter user for a long while, I wasn’t among the early adopters, I didn’t see the point.  Once I understood how easy it was to integrate it into various other social media sites like Facebook and blog, I was converted pretty quick!

This December an amazingly creative team have decided to tell the whole of the Christmas story using twitter.  So the story is told through the eyes of the characters you establish what is going on based on the ‘conversation’ as it unfolds on twitter.

I’ve set up a page on my site here if you aren’t on twitter, but would like to follow it.  http://www.robinsonta.org/natwivity/

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