11 Oct

Knee Update

a bit like how I feel sometimes!

So I have been lame at blogging as intended, but to be honest, how much can I say about sitting on my bum for 4 weeks?
My knee IS progressing, the swelling is down, movement seems to be up, and I am able to put a bit of weight on it too. I hope to go out for a wee test drive in the next day or two, see how it copes, in the hope i can start to get out the house more often! The plight of not being able to carry anything is extremely annoying, but as one does, you develop ways to cope and survive.

Having all the time in the world, during the day, it seems remarkably difficult to get motivated to do things. I have been trying to write a newsletter fro 4 weeks now. I mean come on that is stupid. It has been checked by two people, and now I basically need to re-write it. 🙁 BUT when it gets written, it will be the basis for our support raising for Nigeria. So I guess it is pretty important to get it right.

I did read 1 book. An excellent book too. but I’ll write about that in a separate post, I mean I’ve waited three weeks, another couple days wont matter!

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