18 Sep

iPhone facetime

example of iPhone facetime function

OKay Okay, I’ll stop going on about it soon!   But yesterday I had my first opportunity to try out the iPhone’s much talked about ‘facetime’ .  The idea isn’t new, video calling has been around almost as long as phones have had cameras.  As one of the first user of Skype that i knew of, (which was pretty pointless at the time, as other people did also need to use skype to make it any use),   iPhone’s face-time is a bit like that too.   It only works with other iPhone 4 users, something not in abundance in my circle!

The quality of the picture is greatly limited by the quality of the camera on the front of the phone, which is MUCH less that the on one the back.   Yes it is nice to see people, but you also have to be connected to WiFi.   It doesn’t work when you are on the road in the middle of nowhere.  but also doesn’t cost you a packet of data time.  So for people who aren’t good at managing their bill, you can’t accidentally end up owing a fortune!

You can switch cameras in the middle of the call, which is cool if you want to show the other person something, but lighting is a major issue.  You need to be in a place with good lighting.  My phone call buddy,  was in his lounge in which they use lamps around the edge of the room, every turn of the phone caught a different lamp which decreased the quality of the picture.  Having said that it switches to speaker phone mode, and the quality of the call was excellent!

But basically if you have to be connected to Wifi, to see any MAJOR advantages over soem of the other software adn other apps that are out there.   There isnt’ much advantage over using skype, which quite frankly allows you to use a camera, and you can connect with  WAY MORE people!

17 Sep

Iphone 4 :)

The iPhone 4 🙂

Please excuse the self indulgence, but I was blessed recently by a phone upgraded, upgraded at the cost of successfully selling the old phone. I LOVED my iPhone 3g Enough said. I loved it. It did everything said say, for me, the keys were email, Facebook, Twitter, calls texts, web, music, bible with note taking function, geocaching apps and a plethora of games. I really did live on my phone so to speak. I didn’t’ think it could be topped. MY only complaint about my phone was that it didn’t work when I travelled. Inadvertently I had a faulty handset that didn’t get picked up as faulty until out of warranty. MUCH discussion with the phone company later, upgrade was in order. My suffice to say, I LOVED my phone.

Ali would freely tell you that I quite like gadgets. It’s true I can’t deny that I do like a gadget, but it has to be useful to me, not destined to be sat in a cupboard. Unlike the sowing machine I got for Ali or the hair straighteners. Haha, one of our family dynamics – the usefulness of gadgets!
So like ultimate kitchen gadget, George Forman grill. LOVE it, use it a lot.
Bread machine, we hardly EVER buy a loaf of bread any more.
Boss GT-10, use it EVERY week.

An AWEFUL lot of fuss was made about the launch of the Iphone4. The demo didn’t’ work, the areal had problems, it was square cut not round blah blah blah and also, the price tag L Every TV ad spot, I could see Ali glancing over to asses if I was paying any attention, and would I ultimately be wanting one. Well of course!
I had never had an ipod, or really used a smart phone for all it’s functions until I was offered an upgrade of the iphone some 18 months ago. So having got myself totally set up to use it to it’s fullest extent, I was reluctant to transfer to a new brand of phone losing apps and info in the process. Selling the old phone covered the cost of the upgrade totally J and no need to change phone contract J

The iPhone 4

  • Better Reception – Seems to get receptions in places my old phone didn’t.
  • AMAZING screen – I have watched several movies on it quite satisfactorily.
  • I actually prefer the weight and square-ness. I feel like I am holding a tool rather than a toy, seems a bit more serious to me, which is nice.
  • The WiFi reception is literally 100% better that the 3g.
  • For me the upgrade to 32gb means no longer having to select what to put on there or not!
  • Battery lasts a whole lot longer, I can just about get away with not charging it every night.
  • Speakers for playing music are way better
  • Ability to multi tasking apps means on a call I can access info.
  • I would have paid for a case anyway, so a free 1 is a bonus to me not a hassle!

Now the research begins to see if I will be able to use it in Nigeria!

15 Sep

Nigerian's dedicate another Bible

My friends Chris and Christiebased out in Nigeria have just written about a wonderful Bible dedication seramony they attend in Nigeria. 

A few weekends ago, a little more than a year after we first moved here, we had the opportunity to attend a

 Scripture dedication right alongside the language community which was receiving the Bible in their own language: the Berom people of Plateau State, Nigeria.  This was a real privilege!

read the rest at their blog here

14 Sep

Wycliffe is maybe not 50 after all!

So whilst i have been under the knife, or at least napping as a result of surgery, some more info has come to light about our wee history. 

Since publishing the press release on 1 September, further information has come to light that indicates that 1 September 1960 may not in fact be our official UK birthday! 

Wycliffe International logoWycliffe Bible Translators UK is just one of a family of organisations working worldwide in Bible translation.  Wycliffe first started in the USA, and since then the vision, scope and involvement in the Bible Translation task has spread now to more than 45 Member Organisations and more than 60 Partner Organisations throughout the world.  This family is called Wycliffe International, serving alongside many other like-minded organisations, institutions and individuals, and is currently involved in active programs for 1,363 languages/936 million people*. 

Read the ACTUAL info at the Wycliffe UK blog

10 Sep

Knee Surgery Update.

My sexy stockings, issued pre-surgery

All went very well!?  I headed in and was in the admission section at 0720, the got me straight into prep, filling in the forms, signing the papers, getting changed.  Stockings were given to me for free 🙂   Walked myself to the anaesthetic room, next thing i know i am half awake being told how to click the morphine button.    I was REALLY out of it for the rest of the day, Ali popped in after school and took great delight in seeing me and a not very with it state.   Niffer and Kat who worked on the tour with me in May and June also popped in, it was great to see some young people on the ward! I wasn’t allowed out of the bed all day on Wednesday, thankfully managed to pee before they were concerned about me, maybe just the mention of catheter was enough Having said that peeing in a bottle is NOT easy when lying in a bed!  On a drip mean needed to pee in the middle of the nigh (that might be normal for some of you!)t, and people sticking needles in and checking blood pressure that and the snoring gent across the ward did mean not a whole lot of sleep, on the  up side, being stone awake at 3 in the morning, and having Skype on my Iphone, did mean a long overdue catch up with Alex in Alaska WIN!

Thursday was much better, very little after effects of being under the knife.  Trying to wash, have a bed changed is all a lot  more complex that I would have imagined, but thankfully at about 1030, the physiotherapist (or physioterrorist as they are sometimes known) turned up to get me out of the bed!  We tried a frame for a few steps them moved onto crutches.  1130 they came back and took me to the stairs and showed me how to get up and down.  They seemed very happy with it all and were prepared to let me go home!   I wasn’t sure i wanted to go home, all a bit nervous about that.  Lunch i had curry and a steam pudding with custard, got to admin, wasn’t’ looking forward to the food too much, but surprisingly tasty it was!  I had a wee nap to be woken by my pastor Geoff popping in for a visit.  I was a bit consumed it wasn’t visiting hours yet, but apparently as a minister of Religion, he isn’t’ restricted to those times 🙂  I braved a little walk after Geoff had gone, and felt a whole lot more confident about surviving at home.  My big concern about home, is that our toilet it up stairs, would staying in for another day to rest up before having to go up and down so much be a good idea, to be honest, when I thought about trying another night like that again, I was pretty happy about tackling the stairs!

Knee this morngin, only got 5 little dressings. But is swollen the size of a balloon!

I was in the hospital less than 36 hours, which seems crazy, but I have fairly basic meds, exercises to do and a rather fancy ice pack to use on my knee.

Please do keep praying for a quick recovery.  I am not allowed to put any weight on the leg for 3 weeks, and it could be as long as 6 weeks before I can drive again.  If only I had an automatic, it could be as quick as 3!

07 Sep

Knee surgery (FINALLY!)

Hello one and all, sorry for the short notice, but things have been a bit busy, although I can’t always recall what has taken up the time! 

TOMORROW, Wednesday 8th September 2010, I shall be heading into Wycombe General Hospital to have surgery on my knee, for details about that scroll to the bottom of the email.  I will be on ward 12b, and visiting hours are 3pm – 8pm.  Please do come and visit, my surgery is first on the list at 0830 I should be coherent again by the afternoon.  I also found out I am allowed to take my phone but that I should keep it on silent.  So feel free to text or call me, but don’t be offended if I don’t pick up or answer straight away, I might be sleeping or trying to walk! They say I should be in 3 – 5 days, but I might get out after 2, so worth calling me or Ali or the hospital to check I am still there before making an outing, it is also a pay and display car park, so bring coins.  

Please pray for :
— Wisdom and expertise from the Doctors and nurses.
— Quick recovery for me in the hospital and especially at home after. 
— For Ali and Dan having to deal with disrupted routine and general extra energy required to do all the normal jobs and look after me! 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support and people who are keeping an eye on Dan at various stages of the days over the weeks to come, we are so blessed by you all !

If you are wondering how I did the injury in the first place …   http://ccgi.robinsonta.plus.com/archives/496

SKIP this bit if you don’t want the details of the surgery!
The plan is first to clean out the cartilage (meniscus) that is floating around in my knee.
Then clean out the bits of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)  left over from the original.
Then I quote ‘harvest a hamstring’ and fix in where the ACL should be.

Should be all done Key Hole, and should take about 90 minutes.

03 Sep

Wycliffe UK is 50 years old!

Wycliffe Bible Translators UK 50th Anniversary logoHappy birthday Wycliffe!  I find it slightly odd talking about an organisation in terms that we normally use for people.  BUT birthdays are a great time to reflect on what God has done, and may do in the future.

On 1st September 1960, 50 years ago today, Wycliffe Bible Translators was officially born in the UK.
The training of translators had been taking place in the UK since the early 50s, but 1960 was the year in which Wycliffe UK (named after John Wycliffe – an early Bible translator who wanted people to be able to learn about God in their own language) was formally recognised as part of this growing, world-wide family of translation organisations.
Back in 1960 the world population was estimated to be around 3 billion and the best guess was that there were about 1,000 languages that required a translation project of some kind.

You can read more about it on the Wycliffe UK Blog

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