23 May

From Eden to Eternity week 2

Fe2e in Cambridge
I can’t really believe that after 11 months of planning and organising, that the 2nd week of the tour is over already! Well over 1000 people have been to see the show!!! If you haven’t, you really should!!

# 25th May – Durham – St Nicholas Church
# 27th May – Sunderland – Sunderland Minster
* 8th June – Shrewsbury – Trinity Churches, Holy Trinity Meole Brace
* 9th June – Thame – St Mary’s Church
* 10th June – Fleet – Church on the Heath
* 11th June – Brentwood – Peniel Church
* 12th June – Leeds – City Evangelical Church
* 15th June – Coventry – Elim Pentecostal Church
* 16th June – Woking – Christ Church
* 17th June – Ruislip – Ruislip Baptist Church
* 18th June – Brighton/Hove – Holland Road Baptist Church
* 19th June – Crawley – Crawley Baptist Church
* 21st June – Chelmsford – Central Baptist Church
* 22nd June – Chertsey – St Peters Church
* 23rd June – Portsmouth – Oasis Church, The Venue
* 24th June – Salisbury – St Pauls Church
* 25th June – Swindon – Freshbrook Evangelical Church

From Eden to Eternity Video

I am sooo privileged to work with an AMAZING team on this project, not only the actors, but a whole bunch of other people behind the scenes! Between us, we are having an impact on 4 Languages of Nigeria who WILL be getting more funding to enable Bible Translation as a result of the tour. For those 250,000 Koro people, every verse of Scripture is precious.

19 May

From Eden to Eternity update

As I sit and write, we have just finished the first show of the second week, or show 6 if you prefer. Every show is different. Each venue has its unique quirks and each audience its own reaction. But one thing is true of EVERY night, God is at work, revealing himself to us thought his word – all bit it in a slightly unusual form!

Over 700 people have seen the show and been inspired by God’s word, and also God’s work in Nigeria, and between them they have sponsored nearly 400 verse of translation for the 4 languages in the Koro cluster, Nigeria. [click here to go to Koro info page]

Emma D said “I thought that the From Eden to Eternity production was brilliant. Thank you Saltmine and Wycliffe for a wonderful evening.”

There are still 20 venues left to visit, maybe we are coming to one near you. Check out www.eden2eternity.org to find one near you!

15 May

Team in Hereford #fe2e

Hereford is the 5th show of the first week of the From Eden to Eternity
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