27 Apr

Election – Engagement is important.

There is only a week left until the Nation heads to the polls to sort out who is going to responsible for running our country for the next 5 years. I don’t really care what your political persuasion is, but I am bother by people who spend hours moaning about our government, but then refuse to engage in the process of their election. In some ways it is an extremely difficult thing to do, to decide who you want to rule the country, to be honest sometimes I have felt in my constituency that there is no point in voting, it won’t change who will get in! Or that it is simply a case of picking the lesser of 4 evils. I would love if it on the way to the polling station, God would chat to me via a burning bush, or a neon light would be fine too, but reality is, I think he often lets us use our own brains. Prayer fully considering which candidate to vote for reading up on the them, using many of the resource out there, can help us to understand which candidate is the best fit for our moral and spiritual beliefs.

People who do nothing but tell me how bad the others are, quite frankly annoying me. It is quite obvious that if the only thing they can say is bad about others, it is only because they haven’t got anything worth saying for themselves. @kouya on twitter has often ranted “Don’t’ tell me what they aren’t going to do, tell me what you ARE going to do!” That captures my thoughts quite nicely!

A few resources can be found HERE . Some are great some are a little naff in my opinion, but then what do I know!

The Christian Institute have put a lot of work into their stuff, you can find the history of your current MP, see how they voted on what policies.

Westminster 2010 declaration is well worth a read. I think it is a little long winded for my short attention span, but it is quite a blunt honest Biblical Based statement. I am sure it will offend a few people, sorry if that is you, but I found it refreshing amongst the current political climate that involves skirting around so many issues!

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