25 Apr

Ash stops play, but life continues!

Seems like only last week we wrote a post, but in reality a few weeks have passed and a whole lot has been going on!

Tim – Plans for From Eden to Eternity are progressing, only 2 full working weeks left until the first show on 11th May in Exeter. We are in full publicity push, having made hundreds of phone calls and sent around 200 publicity packs for the first week alone. We are extremely lucky to have a quite a few volunteers helping us to do those things!

Ali – A wonderful if busy break over Easter, then the start of school was somewhat disrupted by all the ash cloud shenanigans! Several members of staff were missing from the department, we were unsure of who was going to be in to teach their lessons and so on. In the end, Ali’s extra contribution was only 1 day of cover teaching, but the whole thing was a bit of a headache for her boss!

– Enjoyed having more time to do his own thing over the Easter break but was by no means disappointed to be going back to school once it was all over. He went to a holiday club at Long Crendon Baptist Church in the second week and had a whale of a time!

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