16 Jan

Knee injury

So I have finally got an answer about the injury to my knee. WAY back in November, friday 13th to be exact, I was at our youth group meeting runnign down the hall with the kids, and 1 wee kid stopped dead in front of me. I had a choice, hit him, flatten him, potentially killing him, or side step and get out the way. I side stepped injuring myself in the process.

this post HERE shows what the knee was like after the injury.

Several visits to docotrs and hospitals later I finally have some answers. I also came across a GREAT web site in the process.


so I have done 3 things.

1) Ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)


Thsi will require surgey wherby the will take a ligament from the bottom of my hamstring and replace the ACL

2) Torn my Medial Meniscus


In the same surgery they will hover out the floating cartlidge

3) Sprained my MCL (Medial collateral ligament)


Physio before and after the surgery.

What fun hey!

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