31 Jan

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • Supposed to be flying out to #jos later this week, not sure if the trip is still going ahead or not. more news later! #
  • trip to Nigeria is … ON. Starting to get excited about it now, still have lots of #fe2e things to do before i go! #
  • GO MURRAY!!!!!! #
  • YES Andy Murray!!!! #
  • Yup it is just before 4am stood on the side of the road in Wycombe about to load the car to head for Nigeria! #
  • #boarding our flight to Frankfurt and then on to Nigeria! #
  • in Nigeria all flights fine, all bags fine, been out to eat jollof rice and chicken, YUMMY. IPHONE IS NOT WORKING 🙁 #
27 Jan

Nigeria here I come!

Hello one and all and sorry for the long silence surrounding the trip. As you know I was supposed to head out to Nigeria in Oct / Nov last year and for many different reasons that trip was postponed until now. Tomorrow Morning at 0620, Kent (my boss) and I fly to Abuja via Frankfurt.
You probably haven’t seen it on the news because of the disaster in Haiti, but in the last week and a half there has been a lot of violence around Jos, Nigeria, where we am headed.

From recent BBC reports:
– “At least 265 people are believed to have died in religious rioting in Jos in recent days.”
– “…some of the 17,000 displaced people were returning home, but others had decided to flee the city itself.”
– “Up to 150 bodies have been found in Kuru Karama village, 30km (18 miles) from the city of Jos, where the violence erupted last Sunday.”
People on the ground have assured us that the situation is calming down, but there is still a dusk to dawn curfew (an improvement on the 24 hour curfew in place just a few days ago) and military on the streets.

We are going to Nigeria for a number of reasons:
– Kent needs someone to support him in his Nigeria-related responsibilities. This will be an orientation trip for me.
– We will be featuring a cluster of Nigerian languages that are just beginning translation as part of a 28-city English tour of the Bible overview drama From Eden to Eternity www.eden2eternity.org in a few months time. Kent and I will visit and shoot footage of some of the local people involved in and affected by this work.
– We will be meeting with as many of the ministries in Nigeria that we are linked with as possible. This is important for maintaining good relationships (vital in Africa) and introducing me. I am very excited to hear all that is going on, our support of just one partner organisation’s work is allowing translation work in 16 languages spoken by 1,685,000 people.
– We will spend several days in strategic meetings involving key local organisations and reps from other international partners who will have come from places as diverse Singapore, Nairobi and Texas.

I am very excited to go and experience Nigeria a few things you can be praying for,
1) Travelling mercies. It is all pre-arranged both into and around Nigeria
2) Health – that my knee holds up (it is doing much better), and that our bodies adjust to food and life
3) That all the various meetings are worth wile
4) That there is even more peace in Jos after last week.

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24 Jan

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • very good week last week. Car fixed, heating fixed, Knee on the way to fixed, lots of GREAT calls to potential #fe2e hosts. More this week #
  • Help Haiti, Drop the Debt: http://bit.ly/8g1LGS #
  • Some more good convos with potential #fe2e hosts, now on to sort out church music practice for tonight! #
23 Jan

Blog update

Well i have spent the morning playing around with a few things on the blog, hoping there will be a nice little re-tweet button appear for those on twitter, also i have moved across to feedburner to deliver my RSS feed and also a new email subscription function.

16 Jan

Knee injury

So I have finally got an answer about the injury to my knee. WAY back in November, friday 13th to be exact, I was at our youth group meeting runnign down the hall with the kids, and 1 wee kid stopped dead in front of me. I had a choice, hit him, flatten him, potentially killing him, or side step and get out the way. I side stepped injuring myself in the process.

this post HERE shows what the knee was like after the injury.

Several visits to docotrs and hospitals later I finally have some answers. I also came across a GREAT web site in the process.


so I have done 3 things.

1) Ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)


Thsi will require surgey wherby the will take a ligament from the bottom of my hamstring and replace the ACL

2) Torn my Medial Meniscus


In the same surgery they will hover out the floating cartlidge

3) Sprained my MCL (Medial collateral ligament)


Physio before and after the surgery.

What fun hey!

15 Jan

YFriday call it a day

Friday is a day … but that isn’t what i mean. Yfriday are calling an end to their 16 year journey as a band. 🙁

Press Release

What is it with my favorite bands “calling it a day”?? First delirious, now Yfriday, there aren’t gonna me any good UK-based bands left 🙁

14 Jan


Haiti EarthquakeI watched the news again this morning stunned, and to be honest slightly numbed.   almost monthly there is a global crisis and it simply doesn’t have the same impact on me that they used to.   I think i need to pray for more compassion.

They need our prayers. All of them
Haiti isn’t exactly the hot bed of Christian revival, a country shrowded in Voodoo Practice  Poor infrastrure every wear means 60% of the nations buildes collapsed.  a population of 9 million where 6 millino of those are portentially homless now.    Tha tis like the etirey of London having no home or provisions.

They need our money to start helpign those in need.

I still don’t knwo what to make of it.  one of the atrosities that are being reported.  People stuckign collapsed hospitals unable to get our surrounded by those already dead.

One thing that DID impact me, the report of “a group of Christian MIssionries” being the first ones on the first plane out of there.   My first reaction was, HOW DARE THEY.  6 Million peopel in need and they are getting out of there!   I do overreact.  As i have thought about it, they probably arent; trained to cope, let alone provide the correct support.  maybe gettign them out is rigth thing to do, make soem room for peopel who are trained.  But there they all were, typical American ‘mission tourists’ all in thier clean team shirts with water bottles boarding the plane.  I think i would have been bear back by then, given my shirt to someone who needed it.  Would also have prevented any TV crews filming me!

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