18 Nov

#mission21 Day 2

Day 1 was interesting to say the least.   LOTS of people tweeting about the conference you can go to http://twitter.com/search?q=%23mission21 and follow all the various people tweeting.

I learnt that there are SO many different ways that people are exploring church planting, it isn’t about seeing how many people you can gather on a sunday or how many new places you can start a church, but really it is all about how do we make church accessable for more people.    A lot of people seem to be thinking out the box.  I mean like “let’s go have a bible study in a Cafe”.  Lets find places with NO church, not just a town without one of our churches.   I do get a bit frustrated when people plant a church in a town where there are already 5 churches.  But i am learning that different people have different needs, and church planting is about looking at how to we help meet those needs.

I have to admit i got a bit  lost in yesterdays meeting, it got all a bit deep and theological, and i am simply not that way inclined. But currently the Bishop Graham Cray is EXCELLENT!!!!!

The Variety of people here is incredible!  From every stream of church, from all over the country and europe, it is fantastic to see folks interacting and discussion and exploring.  LOVE IT!

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