19 Nov

#mission21 Day 3 has begun

I have to admit, i am questioning a few things right now.

1- WHY did i play that stupid game last friday that ending up busting my leg?
2- HOW is it possible for people to claim there is a decline in the church when so many passion  people in the business of planting and growing churches.
3 – WHY does premier pro have to break down on me in the middle fo a job???

yesterday was a LONG day.  I met some amazing people.  Steve is a wicked bloke.  He works in all sorts of places that most us wouldn’t dream of.   So many others to mention and every single one of them helping to grow churches in places or areas of communities that are desperate for more of Jesus.

Bishop Graham Cray is what i can only describe as a total dude.  He is so normal. He is so spiritual.  He is so intelligent and theological if you want to go there with him.   But he also reads rolling stone magazine!!   He shared a bit int he morning about our perception of church and society.  How we perceive the churches positing in society and how we understand society will impact on how we do church, how we do evangelism and how we do church planting.  my favourite quote was  “People who state the church is now on the fringe of society, are assuming that there is a centre to our society. In fact we have more of a market place these days.”

I was extremely impressed with  Pastor Ironguru who was subbed in relatively last minute.  His message was simple.  Go find out where people are, and what they need, and then build some relationship with them!     Seems simple, but his point was that we shouldn’t plant a church just because our congregation is too big to fit into our hall.  that might start the process of working it through but when it comes to setting up and starting out, you need to have basically done your research.  nice.

However, my software died, i am to be honest feeling a bit like i failed, not vid for the last session, no final montage, because my stupid computer wouldn’t work right.   I didn’t have much desire to turn up this morning, but now i am here, i am looking forward to hearing form Billy Kennedy.

CD’s are available of all the talks …  get in touch if your are interested.

18 Nov

#mission21 Day 2

Day 1 was interesting to say the least.   LOTS of people tweeting about the conference you can go to http://twitter.com/search?q=%23mission21 and follow all the various people tweeting.

I learnt that there are SO many different ways that people are exploring church planting, it isn’t about seeing how many people you can gather on a sunday or how many new places you can start a church, but really it is all about how do we make church accessable for more people.    A lot of people seem to be thinking out the box.  I mean like “let’s go have a bible study in a Cafe”.  Lets find places with NO church, not just a town without one of our churches.   I do get a bit frustrated when people plant a church in a town where there are already 5 churches.  But i am learning that different people have different needs, and church planting is about looking at how to we help meet those needs.

I have to admit i got a bit  lost in yesterdays meeting, it got all a bit deep and theological, and i am simply not that way inclined. But currently the Bishop Graham Cray is EXCELLENT!!!!!

The Variety of people here is incredible!  From every stream of church, from all over the country and europe, it is fantastic to see folks interacting and discussion and exploring.  LOVE IT!

17 Nov

#Mission21 has started!

This feels a little strange.   I am sat on the second row of a conference – a church planting conference, and i am blogging.   2 things about this feel strange.

1 – I  am not too bothered about church planting
2 – I am being actively encouraged to blog during the conference!!!

Go check out www.mission21.info you can see who is blogging about the conference!

If you use twitter, check out #mission21

My part of this conference is to provide seom video support.  We have soem previously edited videos and i’ll be doing some live vox pop editing as we go through the conference.

Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/m21churchplanting

if you want to see some pics http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/timrobsund/Mission21#

14 Nov

Glad to have been able to drive home!

The beautiful brace that they gave me in casualty. Still, I think it was better not to have flattened one of our mp’s sons against the wall!
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10 Nov

#prayer #wycliffeuk Eddie sharing during our wycliffe world day of prayer

Sharing about the Wycliffe uk stratigic situation and where we are headed to as fuel for our prayers right now
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