21 Sep

Blog posting opportunities

I’ve been party to a software upgrade at the office, I am now running office 07, which on the whole I am getting on with very well.

I have just discovered the ability to post a blog form Word! So I am just testing! Who knows if I will post any more as a result, but I am very intrigued by integration and the portability of information these days.
what do i mean? Well take for example my iPhone. Some say a big boys toy, and in some ways it is, but it is an extremely useful tool. I can take a photo, upload straight from the phone to the web, that website sends it to my blog and my blog tells twitter and facebook that i have a new post. I 2 clicks of my phone i have [published everywhere. VERY COOL. Now all i need is content people will look at lol.


Test photo .. Dan with Tim’s Cousin Kaden (5 Months).




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