29 Apr

Togo's Pop stars Music against Maleria

There has been a lot of banter in the blogosphere about anti-malaria campaigns.   It start in the UK thanks to Comic Relief (a bi-annual telethon style fundraising event) this year in partnership with malaria no more focused on providing millions of Mosquito nets to people in Africa.  On first look AMAZING, they are so needed.   And i stand by that.   There is also another side to that story though.

Eddie Has posted a couple times about it, they are worth a read — Make up your own mind!

A couple of Togo’s biggest R & B stars have taken it upon themselves to do a massive education push to inform people about the dangers of maleria but also some of the preventative options.

24 Apr

Dan getting ready for school

This my impression of dan getting ready for school, also my suggestion for new uniform
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23 Apr

Income Tax for dummies.

50% tax rate – GET OVER IT.

Alistair Darling, bless him probably the hardest few days OF HIS LIFE!  Delvering a budget in the biggest rescion the uk has seen since world war 2.  The expectation that he can single handedly make some decisions and save our countries financial struggles.   Yeah right.

In times gone by I dreamnt about stading outside number 10 with the red case of doom, ready to deliver THE speech. God has taken me elsewhere …. thank gooness!!

Any way, a lot of banter around about this 50% tax rate and how hard it is going to hit people. BOG OFF.

  1. Most people complaining, are NOT earning enough to be affected.
  2. If people are earning over 150K they can pay a bit more.
  3. A lot of people forget how our income tax system even works in the first place.

Sorry to bore people, but half my degree was in accounting, and our system is not that complex, honestly …

CURRENTLY YOU PAY (not taking account of ANY allowances or contibutions etc)

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800)
40% is paid on the money over £34,800

Example A your annual income is £42,000.   (not likeley for me!)

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the money over £34,800 (42k – 34.8 = 7.2k)———£2880   — total = £9280.3

Of course this is calculated and spread out amungst your pay packet if you are an employee in the UK.  (about £786 out of a £3500monthly pay packet.
Example B.1 you annual income is £175,000.

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the money over £34,800 (175k – 34.8 = 140.2k)———£56080   — total = £62408.3

which is £5200 a month out of £14583 a month pay packet.

Now the introductoin of the 50% tax rate

Example B.2 you annual income is still £175,000.

0% on the first £6,035 of your income.    ——————————- £0
22% is paid on the next £28,765     (total so far £34,800) ————£6,328.30
40% is paid on the next  £115200  (total so far £150,000)———–£46080
50% paid on the rest over £150,000 (175K – 150k = 25k)————£12,500  total = £64908.3 or £5409.3/month

so the POOR POOR guy now has only got £9174 a month instead of  £9383 a month to spend…. a grand total of 2.3% drop in his month cash.

big effect I DON’T THINK SO.  yes i admit the bigger the income the bigger that % will become but seriously, 1) that is not going to be enough money to cover the governments borrowing, 2) there are only 205K people earning over £150k a year that wll be affected.   They probably work for the banks or the government anyway the very people who got us into this mess!!!!

For more info the OFFICAL site is ..


22 Apr

The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500

Gary Hamel from the wall street Journey has written an excellent post on the shape of management in the future.   His approach is to recognise that people joing companies now, are those that have never known a time where there was no Internet or Email.  they have always lived life online.   The result is different expectations of a working environment.

I half live in that world.  I often find myself frustrated with “the process”, I am VERY lucky to have a boss who understands that i get frustrated adn need to thrash it out.  He is also great at NOT giving me answers!

Any way Gary has compiled a list of 12 observations about web life, and not all of them are relevant to assessing future management, but all are true, and could help shape the way we think and act, and how we develop our working environments and how we recruit .. and how we hold meetings … the list is pretty endless …

My favourite bits

2. Contribution counts for more than credentials.
When you post a video to YouTube, no one asks you if you went to film school. When you write a blog, no one cares whether you have a journalism degree. Position, title, and academic degrees—none of the usual status differentiators carry much weight online. On the Web, what counts is not your resume, but what you can contribute.

How do we perceive people and how do we make the decisions about their inclusion in meetings/decision making.  Is it their credentials or is it simply because they have something they can contribute?  Dare i say i work for quite an academic organisation, i am forever finding myself frustrated about the message we give our.  “you can do programme X  if you have a 2.1 degree”  .  I understand some programmes are not suitable to everyone, but what are we doing about finding a valid contribution for everyone?   YouTube has done an amazing thing for armature videography, yes there is some BAD stuff up there, but it has also reduced our expectations of corporate productions.  it doesn’t have to be the perfect edit, or the perfect soundtrack, as long as the content is good, people will watch it!  how can we transfer that theory to other areas?

8. Power comes from sharing information, not hoarding it.
The Web is also a gift economy. To gain influence and status, you have to give away your expertise and content. And you must do it quickly; if you don’t, someone else will beat you to the punch—and garner the credit that might have been yours. Online, there are a lot of incentives to share, and few incentives to hoard.

I think many of us still live in the “Information is power so we must control it” age.    The Internet chucks that theory out the window.  We are naive to think we can control information any more. Open source software has experienced a massive explosion, you probably use some without even knowing it, all because people are prepared to share information.

Enough of me,  See full post here.

HT to Steph Angus .. who doesn’t even have a blog … but i think she should!

17 Apr

The Narnia Code

Aslan I know it sounds like the da vinci code, very clever, name a programme after something that caused so much controversy, you can get more viewers…

BBC had a show on last night with said title all about the mysterious code behind the Narnia series that has finally been cracked. I was like, yeah what ever, Aslan IS Jesus, WOW never saw that coming! But i was surprised to discover that was not the code at all.

Here is the show on iPlayer, I am sorry for the transatlantic folks who may not be able to watch it.

I was surprised. The show didn’t just look at the books, but look at Lewis’ life. Including what bought him to faith and how that influenced his life and writing.

The show was presented by Dr Michael Ward who has written a book called Planet Narnia exploring how Lewis’ academic interest and expertise in medieval everything, influenced his writing of 7 books each representing 1 of the 7 planets from the medieval cosmos.  *YAWN*   I know I was glad I was already 35 minutes into the show and interested enough in his life story to keep watching.

The final 10 minutes of the show were EXCELLENT!     You need to watch the whole show to get there.

13 Apr

RobinHood features Bible Translation

I KNOW!  It seems some what unbelievable. and to be honest, it is a little unbelievable.

[beware spoiler  — BBC Robin Hood series, Easter weekend episode]

BBC new robin hood series, which I have to admit I REALLY enjoy watching.  open-bibleKeith Allen as the Sheriff is simply brilliant! 

Start of the 3rd series now airing saw Friar Tuck join the gang and this week’s episode saw him at logger heads with the local Abbot.  The Episode is ‘Lost in Translation‘ and it turns out the serif is blackmailing the Abbot in order to catch robin.   HOW I hear you cry, not sure about the timing, (‘ll check it out before I post)  but the Abbot was translation the Bible into English.  Which of course was ‘Illegal’ at the time.

There are a couple of EXCELLENT scenes, 1 where the friar 1st understands the abbots plans and he can’t believe it.  His line was ‘That’ll start a revolution, people will be able to understand the will of God for themselves!’   Oh boy did that make be chuckle!

2nd moment is when Robin’s gang hear about it, 1 strict believer was like oh not, that is heresy and we’ll all die.  A couple of the other guys were like ‘ no wait, that means i will be able to understand it! for myself!  I’ll never have to ask what it means again’   All this on the BBC!!


I find it hard to imagine a time when there was no Bible in English.

I find it hard to imagine that I could not understand God’s word.

over 200 Million people in the world have not a single word of Bible they can understand. 

What is it like for them?  How do they cope with church, how do they understand God’s love for them?

Wycliffe’s vision, is to see a world, where every single person can have access to a Bible in the language they understand the best.  Who wouldn’t want that for them??


06 Apr

Quickoffice debuts file editing app for iPhone

I am holding out for the new OS.
I am holding out for Openoffice to produce something.

BUT this acticle talks about an app that does look tempting!

HOWEVER, I don’t use the MobileMe account, so will it do everything i want it to?

I found a GREAT app, the google app.   It allows me to rad my google mail, read my RSS feeds via the google reader, access my google docs, and well everything else you can do from or via google!   very handy, all i wanted was an RSS reader, but i got SOO much more!!

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