31 Mar

Are you a tagger, a filer or a searcher?

I have been re-introduced to our corporate Wiki.  It has been greatly aided by a speeding up of connection to the server hosting the Wiki and so I begun to wade through the various wiki areas.    One of particular interest to me is about email systems.

Wycliffe UK are in the midst of thrashing what to do with our email system and so i was reading up on Email usage, and folder set up/design and how to keep the inbox empty and things like that.

I read this GREAT article …

What sort of organiser are you?

Filers are people who have never been able to drop the habit of creating another folder so that they will know exactly where everything is at any moment. Filers though do have limitations. As the number of emails increase so proportionately do the number of folders to file them in. This can lead to difficulties when a message is sought from a cousin abroad offering you work and you cannot remember if it was filed in family, friends, travel, or work opportunities. Filing takes time, not just to file, but also to retrieve.

Searchers are people that do not like to have to think about what they do with things. They were once filers and got fed up. So now they throw everything into a corner and cleverly use filters and search tools to drag them out when they are needed. Searchers can use a number of tools depending on their platform. Mac users have had Spotlight for some time and now can add Google Desktop to their choice. PC users have had Google for a while, amongst other 3rd party programs and now have Vista´s search facility. There is one drawback with Searching and that is you have to remember the name of what you are searching for. This is where tagging is so useful.

Taggers are people who like to classify, but not file. That is they dump in corners but label whilst they dump. Taggers have a great time in that by tagging an email with add-ons such as Mail tags and Tagcity means they can collect similarly tagged mail in fresh and changing forms. If you have used del.icio.us then you will have experienced some of the power of this system.

Read more: “How to Organize Your Email: Are You a Filer, Searcher or Tagger? Clearing Your Inbox in 3 Steps” – http://e-mail.suite101.com/article.cfm/email_organisation#ixzz0BKQ0dsLM

28 Mar

Ghana launches Blackberry

Technology IS a wonderful thing!    Ghana has launched blackberry.  Now i have no idea if anyone that isn’t a rich expect or in government or head of banking ifs actually going to use it, BUT it could go 2 ways.

With the lack of normal phone masts in remote areas, mobile phone use grow very quickly as the industry decide it was cheaper and easier to erect mobile phone masts instead of running traditional land lines.   IF it could be made affordable, people would probably LOVE to be able to do their email on their phone instead of having to queue or wait at the local   Internet cafe with 3 old computers donate by a company in the USA who didn’t need them any more … (sorry for my cynicism).

The key is can they make it affordable….  lets be honest $650 for pre pay or $130 a month post pay … HAHAHAHAHAHA

Read full article here

24 Mar

What did you do today?

Phil our new marketing manager at work did an AWESOME presentation today at Centre fellowship .. here is his summery ..

I sent a very basic e-mail out to everyone associated with Wycliffe that I could get hold of. In it I asked some very basic questions,

  • Your name?
  • Where are you right now?
  • What has been your biggest achievement of yesterday or today?
  • What do you hope to accomplish today or tomorrow?
  • What is the best bit of your job?
  • What time is it now?

Discounting the automated ‘out of office’ replies, I’ve received 79 replies to date. I compiled a list of the replies to, ‘What do you hope to accomplish today or tomorrow?’, for our Centre Fellowship this morning and asked people to pray because this is what is happening in peoples’ lives today. Responses included…

  • Communicating new IT skills to people
  • Planning how to achieve language advocacy objectives
  • Meeting a family planning to join Wycliffe UK
  • Sending a PhD application off before going on holiday
  • Smoothing out the logistics for From Eden to Eternity
  • Getting my inbox empty again
  • Going for a mammogram and praying it will be all clear
  • Studying Thai and Preparing a tax return
  • Moving house
  • Typing out two more pages of a language translation
  • Checking financial statements, checking funding proposals, explaining spreadsheets, updating vacancies list, trying to reduce my workload.
  • After getting over grumpiness and self-pity… writing budget proposals and inviting people to a party.
  • Finishing an anthropology paper for a peer reviewed journal
  • Checking Ezekiel translation
  • Trying to improve the translation of Matthew ch14 before moving onto Matthew ch15
  • Resting bad leg after modifying 1983 Hondo motorbike to carry loads of up to 80Kgs over roads that 4wd’s can’t handle
  • Keeping my family happy in a challenging environment

That’s all going on today, and loads more. This is why I think this is such a cool place to work, everyone playing their own part in a different way. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

24 Mar

What is our aim?

Mark Woodward who has picked up on Tim Davy’s post about metaphor which Eddie mentioned a few days ago. (i LOVE how that happens!)

Mark has written a very challenging post that gets to the heart of what mission is all about:

When talking about Bible translation, do we talk about completing a task or sowing seeds? Talking about completing a task may reflect a focus on ourselves and our work, when in fact God invites us to join in with what he is already doing around the world.

Are we advancing towards our goals or working with others to help them achieve theirs? Just as God invites us to join in with what he is doing, he also expects us to be united with other believers around the world. This doesn’t just mean allowing them to be part of what we’re doing, but truly respecting and serving them as they play their part in God’s mission.

Is our aim increased efficiency in reaching people or better relationships in serving people? Western culture may value efficiency, but at the end of the day God’s mission is about him transforming hearts and lives, not us achieving tasks. In our desire to see the most lives changed as quickly as possible, we cannot afford to focus on simply accelerating a process at the expense of real relationships with people. (read the whole post)

My question is HOW am I going to be influenced by those points in my everyday work?  What do I consider the most important part of my work, achieving or building?  As I get into my new assignment, please pray that i will take these on board, as i develop new relationships, but at the same time desperate to achieve good things for my new team, new boss and ultimately God.

23 Mar

Re-branding of Nigeria launched

I know I couldn’t beleive it! The Nigerian government are trying to fight the peoples perspective of Nigeria. It think that is a positive and worthwhile cause.

This small article is a good insight

The vice President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, who unveiled and presented the logo/slogan to the public said the re-branding launch does not mean a quick solution to the plethora of problems prevalent in the country.

Read more

My favoutite line in the whole things is this one!

The slogan is ‘Nigeria, Good people great Nation’ created by Chike Obinah. Already the slogan will be sent via cell phones to 60 million Nigerians.

Maybe we are going to get texts from our government .. “go spend all your money, it will help our failling economy!”

21 Mar

We were designed to work

Watching the rugby France are ahead and they deserve to be to be honest but I have a short attention span and wanted to whip open the laptop. I don’t have a laptop it belonged to my previous job and so stayed with that job. Not so long ago it annoyed me. The lack of laptop and the lack of getting one. It was a lifestyle I was accustomed to and enjoyed. Thank goodness on reflection that my value and identity are in Christ!

Jesus and his disciplesThis last couple weeks at work have felt turbulent but have been really good. Eden to eternity is awesome it was great to play a tiny bit shooting some pics. It also gave a sense of purpose for those few days. I was contributing something that would count it was great. Then this week start meeting with my boss who has been very occupied with the tour to start working our what I can be doing for him. I have picked up a couple things and you know it was great to have some work to do. I’m nut great at doing nothing it is true but I felt dealt released to get on with some stuff. Maybe it is the morning exercise or the eating healthy maybe it is everything. But feeling good!

It the midst of my suffering I was Reading some Bible, Eden to eternity inspired me to reflection on creation. You know I found, we were designs to work. That Is part of God’s design for us. WOW. Never really thought about that before. No wonders there is so much depression and struggle when people are unemployed. It goes beyond the initial and obvious financial struggles in to a lack of self worth simply because we are not fulfilling a basic part of our designed purpose.

I have often wondered what was so attrarive about gardening, mans first job! First jobs often hold a special place in our heart.  I’m still not a huge fan!

18 Mar

New iPhone os

As my readers are well aware (both of them that is)  I have a love hate relationship with my iPhone.  ~I love the design, the apps, ~ I hate the lack of normal smart phone features.


The new functions include cut, copy and paste, long demanded by iPhone users, picture messaging and an in-phone search feature, but not Flash video.

Read full article here

Not perfect yet, but a HUGE step in the right direction I feel!

12 Mar

From eden to eternity

Last night I had the immense pricelesge of see the tour Wycliffe are rpoduxonh in partnership with saltmine. We were I’m totton be southapton last night only the 3rd performance of the show and I was totally blown away. My part of the evening was to show video voxpots after the show and shoot some stills around and about. The stills camera ran of of battery so I chilled!

The show starts we three actors ontop a podium high on the stage being go in three persons creating the world brilliant! Then Adam and eve rue. Up and start the humour and so it carries on, I don’t want to spoil of with all the details! But I mist say the fire powder stuff is SO cool! Moments of great contemplation and almost tears ESP as Isaac was about to be sacrificed, don’t often really consider the obedience from Isaac as was as abraham.

All in all the team are incredible multi talented bunch! It was a pleasure to watch I am really proud to be associated with the show!

Insert URL here …. If it isn’t here do a google or start at www.Wycliffe.org.uk

05 Mar

Bad to worse

After the arrest warrant was put out for the president of Sudan’s arrest Sudan have decided to kick out every charity and aid agency. I don’t begin to understand the logic of that but i pray there is not more suffering as a result

04 Mar

Peace in Darfur?

BBC just released a post about the International Criminal court releasing a warrant for the arrest of the president of Sudan.

BBC news story

I agree that we need to realise the consequences of our actions here on earth, but i do wonder if his arrest will actually do anything towards bringing peace to Darfur.   6 years of conflict, thousands of people dead, millions displaced, 1 man on trial?  what about the rest who executed the orders?

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