23 Feb

Don't teach right from wrong ..

The government are still trying to work out why we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the whole of Europe.   Fact is our youth have no idea what is right and wrong … and the leaders of our country think THIS is a good idea ….

It cautions: “Discussing your values with your teenagers will help them to form their own.

“Remember though, that trying to convince them of what’s right and wrong may discourage them from being open.”

For more on this read here

Oh yeah right, Dan is only 4.5 right but we spend most of our time trying to help him understand right from wrong, and further from that, be able to decide for himself what is right form wrong.  We have to employ all the parting know how we have,  naughty steps and (don’t tell the lawyers) smacking.  We also use the Bible a lot.  Every night we read a story with him, and discuss it with him, and try to ally it to the day we have just had.   Dan fully understands there are absolute writes and wrongs.. he just isn’t always quick enough to think it through for himself!

16 Feb

WordPress for iPhpne

I have voiced my not quite satisfiedness with the iPhone. the more I use it, the more I discover its coolness. For example facebook app is great, but also discovered the Twitter app, which also integrates with my facebook status and also makes an appearance on this very blog. Suddenly a Twitter user. Also just found a wordpress app so I can now blog from my phones too!

Suddenly a bit happier with my iPhone!

16 Feb

New house, new door, new…

So we finnsly bought a house, I know goes against the flow on the midst of the ‘recession’ but as first time buyers houses are cheap(er) somehow we managed to get a mortgage! Those who have been following our activities will realist we have been banging on about this for over 15 months. Sorry!

Facebook has loads of pictures on, so feel free to check them out. Or drop me an email I’ll send you some!

I have entered the wonderful world of diy the guys in thane timber offered me a cuppa after I had been in there three days in a row! I have made shelves, fixed doors, fixed a toilet, hung a tv, made table and chairs, fixed up a desk for Ali, fixed computer screens to a wall, purchased a new back door and got quotes for a new garage roof. Not cheap this moving house lark!

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