27 Oct

Family days out; those who hang out together, stay together.

Friday last week was a bit of an adventure.  A feww weeks ago we spent our tesco voucher points saved up for 2 years on Merlin group annual passes.  RESULT.   Great vaule for well, no money, access to LOADS of attractions.   We decided to pencil in some family days where the three us go out spend some time together doing something.

Friday was the first day of half term for Ali and Dan so we took our pick and headed out to Warwick Castle.  An AWESOME place, thinkign that henry VIII walked those very sme corridors … WOW.   however, we started off on a pretty bad foot.  I forgot the print outs, we got lost on the way, the car park was MILES from the entrnace, to be honest we argued for pretty much the first 2 hours of the day.  Stupid really, the one thing we were trying to avoid by spending more time together seemed to rear it ugly head from the very moment we started!!    Maybe it is jsut me, but not what i was hopign for, okay i know it isn’t jstu me, cos Ali wasn’t hoping for it either.  But chatting ti through with a mate of mine, i discovered that it is actully quite normal.

NORMAL .. i was horrified.  Apprently, first time on a new adventure, youa re both quite nervous, no-one is quite sure how it is goingt o work, or what is going to happen, or who is going to make the decisions, do the planning, do you even need to have a plan?  what are the things you want to see, is it all going to fit, how much time will the 4 year old dictate?   You aren’t used to spending a whole day together, youa re used to makign yoru own deicisons that affect, well you.    So to go out for a day together can actully cause a lot of tension between you.

WOW.  Wish I had heard that info like well a week ago or soemthing.   But nice to know we are normal.   Hope the next trip isn’t as hard work for the first few hours!

Any one else go through that sort of thing??

13 Oct

New Blog update

Well it has been a while since I posted, mostly becuase my allocated posting time has been spent redeveloping the blog.

Ali got back to school and soon as she started, she was off on a biology field trip.  Somewehre in north-ish Wales at a very well equipped, well run school research site.

Dan is still enjoying school, we aren’t too sure what he gets up to most days, he isn’t very keen to talk about it when he gets home.  The most we get is ” I had fruit at break time”   or ” we looked at shapes”  any more info is sparce!

I had had a somewhat sureal month.  Post Soul Survivor has been an intersting time.  My job has changed quite a bit.  I am no longer responsible fro 13 – 25’s, the 18+ group connect has been moved from under me.  The process was quite painful adn frustrating and led to near resignation, near depression.  Fortunately God is totally amazing and despite some bad processing some great thigns have come of it.   For starters, my need to recognise my focus has been too much on who I am in my job rather than who I am in Christ.   Explained why i got frustrated when my job changed without me knowing it was going to.  Good thing to be able to re-focus ones life aiming more at God!!

So that left me with half a job that I have spent a coupel years training someone else to do!   Not so great for my career path or motivation, give the above need for re-focussing.  so after a few hard conversations, I have picked up a coupel other interesting assignments.  As well as helping Steve run WYnet, I shall be heading a project team (that i first need to recruit) to re-design and launch the Wycliffe UK prayer strategy.    I’ve also been asked to help the Executive Director do some research and develop a strategy to recruit some new trustees who are under 40.

Quite exciting, quite scarey all at the same time.  Would appriciate any prayers you can offer!!

03 Oct

Men's Bible?

I love Nick … i don’t always agree with everything he says, but this post, i am pretty much there!!!

ESV Study Bible – No Girls Allowed

Introducing the ESV Study Bible.

2,752 pages, 2 million words, 20,000 notes, 80,000 cross-references, 200+ full-color maps, 40 all-new illustrations, over 50 articles, more than 200 charts.

And no women.

read more    —    http://www.nickpage.co.uk/?p=225

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