26 Apr

new oppertunities

So Ali and i finally met some of our neighbours! Sad isn’t it, our lives are so busy, and being introverts we have lived in our house for 20 months and we only met 3 out of our 13 sort of neighbours. We were out finally doing some gardening, Dan was out playing on his push car thing and he ran up the road to make some new friends. Next thing, parent number 1(whose name we haven’t as yet gotten out of her) popped round to check ti was okay for Dan to join the rest of the kids in their garden. COOL! 4 minutes later Dan re-appeared with a new Friend also called Dan, about the same age, and ran into our garden. Parent 1 quickly appears checking if we have both Dans. Awesome. The boys run off again and then Tracey who is the other Dan’s mum appears and we chat. Ahh i love the summer sun. (Dan runs back to get his swim trunks. sprinkler in use!) Sooo maybe in the next few months we will be able to chat some more to these folks and get to know them some more!

15 Apr

Minehead so far

Well end of the second week of Spring Harvest at Minehead, the kind chap from Butlins has just offered to change our sheets … we said yes.

I have been DOG sick the past 7 days, it all started with a sore throat that didn’t go away popped to the doc on site and he was like, umm not much going on, come back if it doesn’t clear up, which I did a couple days later to be diagnosed with summer flu and a throat infection. In bed for 3 days, taken FLIPPING ages to recover tried to get out for a couple hours each day, finally feeling better.

So we didn’t get as many people, in fact it has taken us 2 weeks to get the same number of contacts as the 1st week of Skeg, BUT it is all good, lots of very cool people, plenty of wonderful conversations.

Embarrassing moment of the week, probably Steph falling on her bum at breakfast.
Frustration of the week has got to be all the publicity of the other organisation. I have to admit i am a little frustrated by how things are playing out, but my high light of the week has got to be with out any doubt at all, Steph popping along to ” An audience with Steve Chalke“. An opportunity to ask him any thing you like. We had planned a deep challenging question about soem of his Heaven on earth comments, we are going UP to heaven cos heaven is on earth. I know i don’t get where he was coming from, but in a moment of all i can describe as pure brilliance, steph asked this.

” I am really pleased the collection is going to Bible Translation and distribution this year, but do you know the name of the organisation that is involved in translation for most of the featured projects along with 85% of the projects world wide?”

His response was ” Umm, No but i think you might be able to tell me”

Steph in an over excited manner that only Steph can encapsulate “WYCLIFFE BIBLE TRANSLATORS!!!”

The whole thing invoked a round of applause and a lot of laughs and a rather sheepish Steve swiftly moved on to ranting about another book he has written. Surprising numbers of people popped by the stand to say hi the next day!

Oh yeah, and the winner of this weeks Wii competition, scored 92, yes you read that correctly, 92. Mental.

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