04 Mar

High on Mount Sinai?


I could NOT believe it when I read this. Apparently the Israelites were on drugs whilst Moses was up getting the 10 commandments.

Why do we find it soo hard to believe what the bible says is historical truth? why does the world spend so much time trying to disprove it the Bible? Why don’t people try to disprove the Koran? My only conclusion so far, is that cos we believe the Bible is the only truth (please excuse me sounds like a fundamentalist) The devil don’t like it, i mean us understanding the Bible, because when we engage with the Bible instead of simply reading it, it is a life changing experience every time. People describe the Bible as a living book, sounds a bit weird, but that is because each time you read it, God can reveal something new to you, even if it is a passage you have read 100 times before, he can still reveal something new! WOW. Pretty sure Harry Potter can’t do that. LOL

I guess that is why i love being part of a MASSIVE global team getting God’s work to people who don’t have it in a language they can understand!

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