22 Oct

Does the search for car insurance drive you crazy???

YUP? me too! Well mine was due last week, I had received a letter from my company offering me a quote about 50p cheaper than last year, and so the search begun. It started with a fight between me and a previous insurance company about No claims discount awards. I was involved in a car crash last September and it took them a while to decide whose fault it was a so they withheld some no claims discount. My broker said the insurance company wouldn’t release it, i called them myself to find out why. they had a computer error and so the automated system would tel the broker they couldn’t release it. Have sorted it out they decided i COULD have it. Excellent, things were looking up. You would have thought. Jumping form 2 to 4 years of NCD one would assume a bigger discount. So to start my NEW search i called my present company for a new quote. It came back £250 MORE than the first quote! haha. Amazed, i actually laughed at the guy as i put the phone down. He didn’t call back, i jumped on the web.

No matter how annoying the ads on tele are, i did go to 2 separate comparison websites, which did produce fantastic quotes one of which i bought online. that was a bit scary, but i tell you want it was £300 cheaper that the other quotes. A TRIUMPH a huge saving, and suddenly Esure, despite their annoying adverts came out on top. £450 may seem a lot to the older drivers amongst you, to fo rme in a 2.5l Vectra estate, i thought it was a bargain!

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