29 Aug

Summer is over, NEW JOB begins

SOO summer is kinda over… WYnet cmap was awesome cooking for 45 peeps was actually quite enjoyable. Pushed the boat out a couple times even had soup at lunch time! Fiona did an unbelievabley great job of running the camp and I SOO glad she is part of my team you wouldn’t believe it. Talk about the team, WOW they were also blinkin brilliant to say the least!!

but now I have kinda rested up, finnished book 6 of Harry potter.. yes I am a bit behind, but on only started book 1 3.5 weeks ago…. soo for one who hates ready I think I am doing pretty good there… just have to see the new movie…. umm..

Work has taken a new twist these last couple of days todays email announcement nicely sums it up.

“I am delighted to announce that Tim Robinson has accepted my invitation to
fill a new role which will combine heading up both WYnet and Connect
therefore bringing 13 to 25 yer olds under one leadership. Stephen Thomas
will take on extra responsibilities for WYnet while we welcome Jess Adams to
the Mobilisation Team to take on Connect responsibilities. Jess is from
Pontypridd, Wales and was a WYnet member as a teenager. She has graduated
with a degree in English literature and creative writing at Leeds.”

HOW EXCITED AM I?????? very.
I am wondering how ever how am I going to cope with giving up so much of what I love?
How am I going to cope allowing someone else to imprint thier style and ideas on to what has been mine for the last 5 yers?
How am I going to cope with 4 of us in my stupid little office? (might need to work on that!)

We shall see what God has in store!!

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