24 Jan


I know i know, Alaska, Canada, Antartic is WAY colder but frankly I wasn’t ready. Simple as that. In fact, Alaska is WARMER than here at the moment, BRRRRR.

As I opened the curtains today to decided if I should bother going for a run, I noticed something VERY different about our bushes out the front. yes they were white. a couple inches is enough to stop this little island from operating, what is that about? I had to pop around the corner to borrow a spade to shovel the pathway so my Dad-In)law could get to the house if he made it here at all, I also did next dors, thouhgt that would be a nice surprise, they didn’t appear to be up yet.

Well, now to adventure towards the office, at least there is only 3 miles to go, hang on a sec, that gcrazy dude up the road has jsut cycled past, what a nutter!

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