26 Jan

The diet

Been two and a half weeks since i started again, yes again, sad isn’t it really, start the diet again, whats the point if it didn’t work the first time. Or in fact the second time, well fact it as 18st i need to shift a few pounds. This diet worked last time but when Ali caught cancer, other things seemed more important, then an unexpected house move with short notice also threw it off, so anyway i topped out at 18st just before Christmas decided it was time to get on with it again. Been running the last couple weeks, back up to 20 mins again, surprising painless actually, feeling good about that, half a stone down already. just 5 other halves to go.

I also made a sort of bet with my pastor, he and i are a little competitive, not often against each other, except the odd game of pool or darts, he also said he needed to loose a few pounds, so we agreed that by River camp our church annual weekend away at the end of August, he’d loose a stone and a half, I said I’d loose three. Think I am ahead so far, he has gone on holiday to Toronto for a week!

24 Jan


I know i know, Alaska, Canada, Antartic is WAY colder but frankly I wasn’t ready. Simple as that. In fact, Alaska is WARMER than here at the moment, BRRRRR.

As I opened the curtains today to decided if I should bother going for a run, I noticed something VERY different about our bushes out the front. yes they were white. a couple inches is enough to stop this little island from operating, what is that about? I had to pop around the corner to borrow a spade to shovel the pathway so my Dad-In)law could get to the house if he made it here at all, I also did next dors, thouhgt that would be a nice surprise, they didn’t appear to be up yet.

Well, now to adventure towards the office, at least there is only 3 miles to go, hang on a sec, that gcrazy dude up the road has jsut cycled past, what a nutter!

06 Jan

End of an era

Well it is chucking down with rain on this glorious Saturday morning, just been out to help Alex take down all the lights. So that’s it, until next year.. BOO HOO 🙁

But whilst clearing up inside, I re-discovered a wee song I wrote for our new years eve bash. Okay to be fair it was inspired by someone else who wrote this song first, but the guy who told me about it could only remember like 3 lyrics so me a couple others got together to finnish it off.

Just so you know what a capo is….wikipedia has the answers

It needs to be sung to the tune of “Light of the world” by Tim Hughes

[verse 1]
Light of the world You stepped down into darkness,
Gave me a Capo set me free,
Now i can play any worship song i want to,
With just three chords G D C.

So here I am to worship
Here I am play songs
Here I am to sign them really loud,
The Capo is so lovely
I couldn’t live without it,
Playing in a key only I can sing.

[verse 2]
Keyboards and drums make a nice combination
Pleaseign the Lord up above,
But every time that i play with my capo
The lords comes and fills us with his love!

So here I am to worship
Here I am play songs
Here I am to sign them really loud,
The Capo is so lovely
I couldn’t live without it,
Playing in a key only I can sing.

I’ll never have to learn new chords,
I can play and play and not get bored, (repeat)

03 Jan


So wow WAY too long since I last posted, I am sort of hoping that Work will unlock this site so that I can post during the day, maybe I will actualll post more oftne then!

Anyway, far too much has happened since the last post, Christmas for example, the week before christmas work was doing a whole buch of upgrades to the computer system so I thouhgt we would have loads of time to do things, how wrong was I?!? We did manage to the get the christmas shopping done, and i did manage to find some Mango sorbet for Christmas lunch. Which brings me nicely onto Christmas. We had 9 adults adn 2 kids for christmas lunch, bit of a mission to find enough forks let alone cook. We had a delightful lunch consitsting of many courses over several hours. Started with some stilton and brockley soup, salmon parcels, sorbet, roast Lamb (despite it beign Christmas Ali doesn’t like turkey) I also found an awesome recipe for sprouts. Click here if you wanna see it. Then onto Christmas pud made by Dave my brother in law and finally cheese and buiscuts interupted by the queen, if only I had sky plus! All together awesome lunch, even the slightly burnt parsnips due to fancy electric fan assisted take 20 mins of the cooking time oven I am not used to yet! Highlight of the day had to be playing a boad game whilts wathing Danny snuggled up to Ali’s 91 year old Nana whilst wathing a Thomas the tank engine dvd. Was very cool.

Boxing days was spent at my Aunt and uncles house, no sign of my grandma becuase apperentely she and her new husband were over in Siera Leone doing some mission work over christmas!! You go grandma!

Then on the Wednesday I was off to start the WYnet worship workshop which led into WYnet’s passion conference. We had an absolutley brillinat time away, the testamonies from the young people we fantastic and over the courase of those 6 days they managed to raise £1500. Yes you did read that correctly, no extra zero’s added, in fact i will put it into words. Fiftenn Hundren pounds Sterling. GBP. Serious for 6 days avergeing with 45 different peopel comign throuh that was awesome. It did however result in my loosing my hair, my beard and also got me a free leg waxing. What a happy new year! but to be honest, any group of young peopel who can raise that much money in that sorter time deservers high priase in my book. The money is to go towards replacing th e PA equipent we use at work. It is mostly 10 years old and is starting to show signs of it’s age!

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